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“You guys make such a cute couple, mind if I take a photo?” changes from flattering to filthy if they hear the sound of you taking the second picture. But, that’s his risk, not ours! So enjoy the enlarged pics he captured, after the jump..

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  • chester

    weird butt

  • Neal

    Not bad, anal sex time.



  • larry

    Carol Vorderman

  • Pep Streibeck

    Dang! This chick is bangin. Id do her anytime anywhere! Perfect ass!! I’m all in!!!!

  • StrokerAce

    I wanna pump her sexy ass full of my man spackle! :D

  • i like

    very niiiice

  • Conan

    Omg. I want to tea bag her asshole with my tongue then let her lick my balls for hours on end. Oops..I mean yeah..she’s hot

  • Ch’booie

    I was hoping to be the first to point out that this is Carol Vorderman. Clearly the people who visit this site know about women, much more than the useless bumbling fags who run it.

  • Jenny Taylia

    Pretty old pic of our Carol as well, her ass is way bigger these days. Nauseating woman personality wise, was fit to fuck about 10, 15 years ago.

  • Pep Streibeck

    Hail Carol Vorderman! One of the hottest Milfs
    Ever!! I’d hit it anyday anytime. Mmmmm

  • Milf_Fan

    She has a fun looking ass.

  • jason

    dear lord that is unique and fucking hot

  • jason

    dear lord that is unique and fucking hot

  • Mark

    would love to bang that ass gorgeous

  • gadeash

    amazing and quite impressive

  • Verified Columnist

    is this the cougar

  • heyitsmehi

    This is carol vorderman a British tv presenter she is 50 plus

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