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I’m sure most of you have noticed before that women like to wear yoga pants to the grocery store. To be honest, it was partially the inspiration for this website and probably the best place to spot a GIYP aside from the airport. GIYP fan James decided to bring his camera and creep skills along on his shopping trip this week and these are the results.. Like what you see? High res shots available after the jump along with some unseen ones he snapped!

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  • StrokerAce

    Nice work, James! The second chick’s ass is a little lumpy, but I admire your tenacity in bringing us the goods. :)

  • blueollie

    Good work sir!!! That made my afternoon!

  • stullyB

    Got damn that blonde gotta bubble! White girls have come a long long way over the year.

  • Laurence

    Great job, love ‘em creep shots.

  • donkason

    That blonde is absolutely amazing. Super thick ass without all the fat jiggly mess. Those builds look like Jabba the Front Butt in 10 years but god damn are they hot when their young.

  • AssMane

    WOW that last blonde girl.. would of tossed her ass in my carriage

  • anon

    Look at difference between 2 girls in photo #1. Girl on the right has a great yoga butt. Look how she stands really erects and tightens her muscles all up and down her legs and behind. Totally different than pudgy soft girl slouching next to her. Fit girls are better at sex and they are tougher! Do yoga!!!

  • qwapweef

    How the hell do you guys do such perfect creepshots?!?! Make a youtube tutorial already!

  • viewer

    i need to smell the last girls farts noww

  • dan

    I salute you sir a afternoon well spent

  • Codyj

    The second ass is gross, HOW COULD SOMEONE POST THAT THINKING ITS NICE? Third one is a fatty too

  • Verified Columnist

    shopping for hot booty

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