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A creep shot sent in by one of our visitors brave enough to venture out into stores for Black Friday yesterday.

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  • http://www.first.com first


    Yeah I’m always first bitch

    Nice ass. Damn right if I was on line buying something and she was in front of me I would’ve taken 2000 pictures too. And I would’ve squatted down and would be sniffing that ass too

  • The Last Universalist

    Very nice. Good angle. I could have some serious fun with that booty.

  • StrokerAce

    If I knew Black Friday would bring out only hot women dressed like this, I’d gladly go get myself beaten to death looking for an iPhone. :P

  • SirDistic

    I work part time in retail and lost track at over 20 amazingly fine asses in Yoga pants. Plus the others that were nice or ok.
    I was too busy and had no camera to take pics. But damn did I want to. So many women with great asses in yoga pants.

  • ricknick

    Yeah, the late hour brought out women dressed like this, but also brought out alot of the usual asshole chimps fighting over dvd players and tv’s.

  • http://www.girlsinyogapants.com k dogg

    I saw better than that today at the Family Fare store here. Wished I had my camera with me.

  • tommyboy

    I never go out on that day but heard its MILF city lots of yoga pants this is a nice shot nice round ass

  • chester

    boots and leggings, the best combo ever invented

  • tommyboy

    I agree with the last comment no doubt by far leggings are amazing a fashion that will never go out many women think they are comfy and so many guys think they are sexy I so love leggings

  • gglass

    so hot. the boots are so slutty. hard on approved

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003407269936 Abubakar

    I don’t want to sound stupid or rude, but i don’t know how this is yoga. no ofnfese to anyone, but just bc you call it yoga jogging/Jacks doesn’t mean it’s yoga. Yoga is meant to be relaxing and to stretch the body, to yes purge your body of negativity and bring up energy levels but not by making you sweat and do a regular work out. I can take a weight lifting class and get this workout, but I like my yoga slow relaxing. Props to anyone who likes this tho, I just couldn’t get into it.

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