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Recently we’ve featured a few rather popular pictures of a cougar which has inspired this couple to send in a yoga shorts shot. Like what you see? Let this 40 year old booty know in the comments!

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  • Corey

    I would love to eat that ass!……good work girl!!

  • chester

    my god its a like a blank canvas for some of my semen art work

  • The Last Universalist

    Not bad.

    But the other cougar is hotter.

  • tommyboy

    Good looking cougar nice booty for a 40yr old

  • Ward Cleaver

    Let the cougar wars begin! me likey!

  • adlyia

    Outstanding!! Wow… Ladies, that’s a lot of hard work. And we appreciate it!! Thank you!!!

  • larry

    need the original cougar to submit a pic in similar shorts for comparison

  • luke

    Winner!. Baring other cougar showing smooth skin.

  • mr booty

    Amazing…the things I would do to her 0__0

  • olaf

    Finally some pics from real women… 40 yo rulez! Hope in a see through of course.

  • StrokerAce

    Holy shit, 40 is the new BOIOIOINNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Splinter76

    Want. To. Eat. And. Fuck!!!!

  • Airborne82

    Damn!! too bad i ran out of lotion!!!!

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Excitable1

    Idk, I wanna call bullshit that she’s a cougar. That looks way to fine to be a cougar… Either way though I’d still take her to poundtown!

  • CG

    A cougar? Hmm….Not bad at all, she’s definately looks good for her age! I thought maybe she was in her mid to late 30s, and you know things start to go south by then if you know what I mean.

  • http://www.mensconfidence.com Tommy B

    Meh…that’s a little aged for me…

  • http://www.girlsinyogapants.com/cougar-booty-a-challenger-appears/ SGT Salami!

    I want to stick my thing in it!

  • dfbs


  • http://girlsinyogapants G

    Looks great.. your giving the youngins a run for there money..

    Dont stop whatever your doing.


  • Richard Head

    Not bad for am older piece of ass.

  • sonny

    i love you!

  • Scott

    id tap that multiple times

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    eat, that, ass! NomNomNom

  • Maximus Erectus


  • Ocho

    This one beats the big girl, no doubt! Big girl has to pull her spanx the last few inches, let’s se her in shorts!!!
    I’ll plow Ms. Yellow-top any day….

  • wowow

    Where does she even find yoga shorts THAT short? Can anyone tell me??

  • Joey

    I never leave comments, actually, this is my first one. This butt is the sexiest one I have ever seen.

  • Brian

    I have to vote for the challenger. Would I count as a cub if I’m 40, too?

  • multo74

    Very nice for a 40 yr old but original cougar blows her away. Also, how about some yoga pants shots? Booty shorts are great but this is girlsinyogapants

  • http://Girlsinyogapants Jase lanzaro

    Oh my god

  • Carnage

    That’s a fantastic ass at ANY age. Congrats, girl!

  • http://giyp 1Most3

    Who let the cougars out, she looks great has my boner approval

  • gglass

    awesome curves. another hardon

  • Jeedubz

    I find it hard to believe that that ass is 40 but ill enjoy it just the same

  • blueollie

    Yesterday, some young woman was out running wearing these.

  • lovepussyhole

    No shit
    anything to show off their ass

  • Paul

    A MILF! The husband is lucky!

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