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It scares me that there’s a generation that might not know what Tetris is.. It makes me wonder what the world will be like when kids are primarily influenced by the Kardashians and Jersey Shore. Without aides like Boy Meets World, Home Improvement, Fresh Prince or Full House, how can we can expect any of these kids to grow up right? Where are the life lessons? Hell, even Tetris had a life lesson – Mistakes accumulate, success vanishes. Anyways, that’s my rant for today.. keep going for the enlarged shots!

Tetris Yoga Pants
Tetris Yoga Pants

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  • StrokerAce

    She is slender and sexy, and I’m furiously wriggling my joystick for maximum scoring. ;)

  • kaitlyn bryant

    A lot of adults will be suprised to know this. I am 13. I am one of the very little percentage of people in my generation who knows what tetris is. I do not listen to that stupid “rap or hip hop” crap that some people think is music. I am a straight ‘A+ student, and i plan on going to college and getting a good education. Suprised Yet??

  • Me

    Really… She’s emaciated and flat. She has no curves to speak of and I think the glasses are fake. How is this sexy?

  • Me

    But the pants are the coolest.

  • Me

    And sorry to diss on you Ace, but you usually have better taste.

  • Yoga Guy

    Tetris! She is shaped like a girl, but I’d rather see the rear view…plus, this is kind of anti-camel-toe.

  • StrokerAce

    Me: no worries. We all have different tastes. I gravitate to the more slender women, but I still like curves and hate stick figures. But there’s something about this one that makes my loins stir.

    Or hell, maybe I’m just a horndog who needs some action. But I love women in spandex. Big weakness of mine. :)

  • bobby

    Looks like more hipster shit.

  • no comment

    bahaha im 13&know what tetris is. i realy want these now (dont ask what a 13 yr old girl is doing on this website)

  • AssMane

    @kaitlyn bryant fuck you for disrespecting my music… At the pants i’d un load all over them pants lol

  • http://giyp Amanda

    tetris yoga pants… where can I get those? They are so f’ cool. The would rock the s’ out of those.

  • rob

    looks like someone was on my tumblr… :P

  • http://BlackMilkClothing Hmmm

    Sorry to inform you but you don’t know the difference between Leggings and Yoga pants.

    These are Leggings made by black milk and that photo is copyrighted and you put your symbol on it.

  • Heavy224



  • http://aol Buddy Roe


    No cameltoe!

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