Random Girl in Yoga Pants


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  • Dikwitha

    That should read, “Fat ASS”

  • Dan

    Dikwitha, let’s see what you look like, tough guy.

  • Moe Dirt

    The PINK refers to what is inside

  • Jones

    Dikwitha, you clearly don’t have a clue wtf you’re talking about. That is one hot booty in my opinion.

  • sandra

    PINK is the brand name idiots, not the color of the pants OR her vagina. As is PINK by Victoria’s Secret.

  • Leessa

    It should have read, “NOASSATALL”!!!!!!!!!

  • Moe Dirt

    Sandra – Thank you so much for that insight. I don’t think any of us “idiots” could have figured that out on our own. BTW , if you can’t handle a little sarcasm maybe you shouldn’t be reading the comments.

  • Nelson

    wow that is pink. oop sorry i was reading into the future when i go down on her. :P

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