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Rate this College girl’s booty on a scale of 1 – 10! But first, scroll down to check out the high res shot..

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  • The Last Universalist

    10 plus.

    If she were at my college I wouldn’t get any schoolwork done…

  • Dan

    I would pay for her to sit on my face

  • FLocka

    Ass fat face so so

  • StrokerAce

    Not bad, but those thighs need to be a little thicker to work with the ass. I’ll have to spank her ’til she gets it right. ;)

  • http://AOL Buddy Roe

    Instead of Hi-Res it’s a high photoshopped

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99


  • http://www.HitachiMagic.com HitachiMagic.com

    7 if it’s shopped, 9 if it’s real

  • Richard Head

    That’s a 10. I’d love to give her some carnal knowledge and see how proficient she is in French, Greek, & English cultures.

  • http://facebook dave

    damm cutie latina with a delicious booty!!

  • dee jay

    Why is it that the first thing the idiots holla is photoshop. Ass not that big for this to be photoshopped. Brainless idiots…

  • Ch’booie

    Rated R for Repost.

  • Elbie Eff

    we should kill ourselves cuz we’ll never have somethin like that

  • buttman

    she looks 15, plus you can tell she is a low buck dirty ghetto rat

  • pepper

    more pics please…

  • David G

    I say fractured left femur or Photoshop.

  • ricknick

    Let’s keep it Puerto Rican free ok pals???

  • TSK

    10 i would fuk that anyday

  • TSK

    I would take off her yoga pants and do everything to her

  • well then
  • Master Amsu

    Love them drumstix thighs and that ass is nice

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