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Thanks to our Twitter follower ‘jd999er’ for this one. You can join the fun on our Twitter here: http://twitter.com/girlsinyogapant

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  • AssMane

    Where Did Her Azz Go??? I Can’t Find It

  • Dannie

    @AssMane More angles needed imo.

  • Jagoff

    Man I love college chicks in yoga pants… Plus it’s a creep shot, that’s like a 5 point bonus…

  • StrokerAce

    I love college hotties, too! :D

  • Barb

    How are yoga pants baggy?

  • assbandito

    I agree with assmane, where’s her butt?

  • juiicemein


  • Honkytonk

    This picture makes me glad I dont go to a university where creep shots like these are taken. Ours are of actual asses.

  • donkason

    Did she tuck a shirt into her pants or put on 3 pair of underwear and yank a wedgie before slipping this yoga pants on? Not much ass but a great creep shot. Props to the perp.

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99


  • thomas

    i thought yoga pants were for women with ass, not long backs

  • ….


  • loki

    because she has a buttocks of a human and not a watusi in the jungle.

  • ak assasin

    Wow nice friday frontal shot. Opps my mistake she got goosebumps :-)

  • fuckyou

    this is bullshit

  • Sal

    I think she partied her ass off

  • Netjnke


  • skippy

    This probably looked waaaay better in person.

  • http://1d3cay.tumblr.com 1d3cay

    I have to agree with skippy; I bet this looked great in person. A lot of the time, photos don’t give GIYP justice.

  • buck safety

    yo, what the fuck? where’s the good shit? this is some fucked up shit, man. ain’t no ass there. you even sure that ain’t a guy’s ass? I’ve seen fuckin’ flamers running around California campuses in fuckin’ yoga pants. seen ‘em in fuckin’ Florida too, go figure. most of the time you have good shit on here, but some times you post sorry shit that makes you look like Fido’s ass. this is one of those times. quit posting meth-head or fuckin’ flamer ass shots.

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