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“BLH BLAH” submitted this with the headline “College Booty Dew”.. I can only assume he’s name dropping the disgusting, yet somehow delicious beverage known as Mountain Dew. Or, he could be from DC and calling her a ho.. that’s what urban dictionary tells me. Check out the enlarged shot of this dorm room bum and let use know what you think he means by “College Booty Dew” in the comments

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  • Ch’booie

    She has to stick it out to make it seem like she’s got one.

  • Yogi Bear

    Still one tasty body… I’ll take her!

  • StrokerAce

    I’d gladly “Dew” her booty! ;)

  • TheInternetCensor

    She has NO eye for color coordination, please Unsee her!

  • TheInternetCensor

    She has NO eye for color coordination, please Unsee her!

  • Jagoff

    I want to lick her asshole

  • Corey

    It would be nice if she pulled those pants up way higher!……or down about a foot!

  • nick

    nice lil ass slim waste id smash it

  • cazr23

    I just wanna pop the cherry evryday and till i cum her inside. I all ways get college girl they like to pop there cherrys.

  • bill

    i just want to shove moldy cheesecake up that asshole(only to eat out later), followed by my face, then fist it elbow deep getting every last crumb up her poopchute. I shall then feed her $15 worth of Taco Bell, and have her rip a massive, wet one right into my mouth, followed by her cheeks pressing against my suffocated face and smearing her excriments (still wearing her yoga pants) all over my face. dinner. of. champions.

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