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  • The Last Universalist


    Ha ha I’m first bitch [directed at our resident troll]

    Very nice. Decent tits, nice round ass, curvy figure. I could worship her for months on end.

    More pics please!

  • Neal

    No kidding, more pics of her ass.

  • Randy

    Nice look but awful leggings – the pattern somewhat conceals the nice contours. Stick with bold, solid colors.

  • Cybr

    Agree with Randy. Those are horrible. Like bad wallpaper.

  • Billy Bob

    Very nice all around! She’s got a lil junk in her trunk. I’d give her about a 7.5 on the crank-o-meter. The pants are terrible.

  • DougieLittleHand

    Nice butt babe.

  • StrokerAce


    That means it’s “StrokerAce’s Day At The Jerkatorium,” which of course means business as usual. ;)

  • George Costanza

    Ever since I found this website I have been addicted like a black man’s lips on a crack pipe!

    Off to the nearest restroom to choke this chiken.

    - George OUT

  • http://www.first.com first


    Yeah I’m always first bitch

    Nice. That’s how you maintain and develop a nice tight bubbly ass like that one.

    Girls pay attention and don’t let yourself go, as in some posts I’ve seen here. It’s hard work if you want a bubbly ass.

    Those are called lunges ladies, you should try them sometime before you start sending your self shots of disgusting saggy asses.

    Horrible pants, but I would sniff them nonetheless.

    This gets my sweet tiny mushroom stamp of:


  • Oh Yeah?

    In the 2 pix it looks like she is lifting the weight plate and the black cable with her cunt. lol

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