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Based on the writing on the mirror, we have to assume this is one of TheChive.com’s hump day girls. Whoever sent this in, thank you! Keep going for the full shot!

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  • Jeff in Alabama

    Instant hall of fame!

  • corey


  • ranD

    if any of you havent yet, you really should visit TheChive.com!!!!!! EPIC booty!!!

  • Agoofball

    YES…. there “IS” a heaven…. OMG!!

  • Agoofball

    there “IS” a heaven….

  • jack


  • Bryan

    For god sake, YES YES YES YES!!

  • Billy


  • Spencer

    I would love to shake her dads hand for allowing us to see this amazingly fine ass! put this beauty in the Hall of Fame!

  • GFatz

    Wow. I wanna motorboat her butt cheeks. wait…is that a poster of Justin Bieber in the background?

  • StrokerAce

    Holy hell, that can’t be real! Then again, my boner says otherwise. ;)

    But is that a Bieber on her mirror? YAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  • tyson bauming

    very impressive

  • Thomas Engels


  • James

    Its been Photoshopped :(
    Look at her left leg and the curve of her ass and hip is crooked, also its focus doesnt match the rest of her body.
    Not to mention the massive lump on the inside of her legs caused by the pinch/punch tool :(
    Nice Ass buts its not that perfect.

  • Johny Cash

    holy fucking shit!!! thats a ice ass

  • Johny Cash



    THAT. IS. AN. EXEMPLORARY. BOOTAY. !!!! (^_^) !!!!

  • Jeephreak

    Now that is definitely a fine ass. Very much a fan of that.

  • Mike

    Un-fucking-real. I agree with post above, instant hall of fame.

  • truth

    Best post in a long time, simply lickable

  • blueollie


  • bigt

    Work it , very nice , more more more, you train well!!!

  • http://l Ass man


  • Ilikebigbutts

    THE BEST I HAVE EVER SAW !!!! WHERE IS HER PEDASTAL ? Someone get this girl a pedastal to stand on !!


    …now that’s a BEAUTIFUL ASS!!!!!

  • El

    Webmaster, that was fast. If that pic didn’t make the cut I was giving up on submitting. This ass is amazing.

  • GoCanes

    That’s worthy of a []_[] …

  • Skiddy

    That, my friends, is world class booty!

  • eddie

    good god almighty, that is a gorgeous curvy butt, on a beautifully athletic frame YUMMO

  • gosho


  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    Yes Yes Yes Hell Yea!!!! wow i want to hit that!

  • Scott

    This girl isn’t old enough for us to look at, cry…. such a shame cause that is amazing.

  • Ben Dover

    wow, that’s one on the nicest on this site. What a GREAT ass.

  • Chris

    Oh. My. God. Beautiful.

  • dre

    I would eat her poo!

  • Jesse

    By far the nicest ass ever!!!

  • Ilikebigbutts

    There is always one FAG in the bunch crying “photoshop” !
    Well today “JAMES” YOU ARE IT….FAGGOT !

  • Appreciative

    Really. By far the best I have probably ever seen on this site and there has been some good ones. Thank for my buddy at work that sends me these. Keep up the great work you got it.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Chive,com is probably the second best site in the net, AFTER GIYP of course.

    Hall of fame ass for sure.

  • ritz

    niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice ass. that’s so fucking nice.

  • Godzilla

    Holy shit.

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99


  • stratman

    this is absolutely fantastic. perfect in all areas.

    chive is a great site. i’ve never heard of it until today but it’s worth a look, for sure.

  • George Costanza

    StrokerAce I would eat her ass out!!!! unlike you!!!

  • Steve

    now that’s a fine ass

  • Nightmare

    Can we get a temple and pray to this???? :D

  • Night stand

    That ass broug me to tears. Good lord that’s perfect. Pluperfect in fact

  • Pigpen

    ^ What they said.

  • mlody

    i’m impress !

  • cazr23

    Nice ass baby… I love grey pants I wana fck her every day..

  • George Costanza

    I had to come back and just say that this pic made me jerk off twice yesterday! :)

  • koss00


  • dave

    oooooooooo. I would be all over her like a bad case of poison ivy! And just as hard to get rid of too.

  • KoRI

    Im a girl and im drooling right now….
    Would love to do some things to that ass…lol

  • stevie

    here’s the original.


    IT IS INDEED PHOTOSHOPPED . James was correct on his assumption

  • http://www.watercoolerlaughs.com Watercoolerlaughs

    Holy wow…. That is the most amazing one I have seen!

  • FullOfBeans

    Thechive OWNS GIYP!!


    I’d enjoy gettin’ hairballs eatin’ this bitch!!!

  • dj

    damn…..thats a gret ass!!!!

  • josh

    pretty like a porsche ;)

  • skeelosta

    Be my wife please.

  • Pigpen

    /\ What they said.

  • aceable

    Stunning, the curves on her are amazing that booty is perfect I would be to scared to even touch it

  • Erin

    Holy shit im horny

  • http://www.maryocarwash.com.mx maryo

    estupendas chicas en panst esas si son mujeres

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