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Kacy Catanzaro, first woman to finish the ‘American Ninja Warrior’ qualifier

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And she couldn’t have chosen a better wardrobe.

Check her out on Twitter: @KacyCatanzaro

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16 Pictures Of A Fit Tanned Babe Who Lives At The Gym

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steph-paccaA fan who would rather remain anonymous sent in these 16 pictures of Steph Pacca for Friday Frontal. He would also like to give reddit users /u/that_sucks and /u/x3knet a shout out for pointing him in the direction of this fitness nut.

steph-pacca-1I can’t speak for everyone, but when I was done looking at these pictures I had the same expression on my face as those dogs.
steph-pacca-buttAnd yes, she has a nice butt. So go follow her on Instagram @Steph_Pacca – or, check out the 13 pictures below and let her know what you think in the comments. Click here for 13 more pics ›


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Hump Day: Would you hump it?

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The answer is yes. Click here to check out the front & find out who she is ›


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Whooty Twerking On Vine: “You Know What To Do With That Big Fat Butt”

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big-fat-buttThat last vine we posted would auto-play no matter what we did so instead of annoying the hell out of everyone for the next 24 hours, we’ve given you a preview of what’s waiting for you below. Click here to watch it wiggle ›


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Lela Star’s Booty Is Out Of Control

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lela-star-3I think she’s a porn star, but I’m not quite sure. Either way, GIYP fan “InMiamiBeach” wanted to make sure you got to know her, so here’s some pics of her insane body to get your week started off right.

lela-starCheck her out on Twitter @MsLelaStar and let her know how you feel about her ass. Just an FYI, she looks incredible from the front, too. Here’s 2 pics to prove it ›


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