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Starting the week off right

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start-weekI’d surf her poon dune, if you know what I mean.


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Ask and you shall receive

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zaneYesterday we posted this incredible pic of GIYP fan Zane’s girlfriend, asking if you wanted more. After an overwhelming yes, Zane sent in this picture to make us all want to kill ourselves. He writes:

You guys thought you liked the first picture? Get a load of this one.

Well Zane, C. Minstane and I are coming for you.


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Squats: Before And After

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squats-before-and-after-6Here’s proof that flat can become phat with just a few thousand squats. Seriously, it’s that or the second cumming of Christ filled that booty up – which one do you think is more plausible?
squats-before-and-afterAnother prime example of what squats can do is this booty above. Want to convince your girlfriend to do squats? Show her this update. + 5 more


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8 new pics of @CallyClarice

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callyclarice-newBecause who doesn’t like staring at a girl who’s occupation is “Fitness Bikini Competitor”? Also, how do I become her boss? I want that job.
callyclarice-new-1 Follow @CallyClarice, and be sure to check out the best pics below. + 6 more


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7 Pics Of Caitlin Rice In Yoga Pants

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catchingupThere’s only a few “must follows” on Instagram, and @CaitlinRiceFit is definitely one of them. So what’s your excuse?
catchingup-3Still need some convincing? Check out the pics below, they’ll probably do the job.
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