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8 Pics: Sports Illustrated model in yoga pants

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You may recognize Kyra Santoro from Sports Illustrated. Or not. Enjoy these pics courtesy of her instagram @kyrasantoroxx. She looks unreal in a swimsuit too, so there’s some pics of her in those on page 2. › Continue reading

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Danielle Robertson In Yoga Pants & Workout Shorts (Bonus Bikini Pic)

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danielle-robertson-002There are over 320,000 people following @dannibelle on Instagram, so that means there are over 320,000 people enjoying life a little bit better than you right now. If you want to improve your life situation, check out the 7 pics waiting for you below. Is it just me, or does her ass look too good to be true in the bikini pic? › Continue reading

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I’ll never get sick of seeing Anna Nystrom in yoga pants (5 Photos)

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@annanystrom continues to give the people what they want. › Continue reading

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Brazilian booty in pink

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via @suelynmedeiros

7 more pics of her »

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Finnish fitness model Oona Tolppanen in yoga pants, workout shorts and more! (41 Photos)

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Oona-Tolppanen-001Shout out to GIYP fan Trymore for bringing this beautiful woman to our attention.

Oona-Tolppanen-002You can find her on Instagram under the name @FitOona, and trust me, you’re going to want to look at a lot more pictures of her – I’m speaking from experience. Lucky for you, we’ve collected all the best content she’s posted over the last few years and put them together below for you. Read more ›

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