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A Fit Blonde With A Tight Ass

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tight-small-bootySent in by Mark


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Hump Day: Would you hump it?

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The answer is yes. Click here to check out the front & find out who she is ›


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Whooty Twerking On Vine: “You Know What To Do With That Big Fat Butt”

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big-fat-buttThat last vine we posted would auto-play no matter what we did so instead of annoying the hell out of everyone for the next 24 hours, we’ve given you a preview of what’s waiting for you below. Click here to watch it wiggle ›


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50 Cent’s Baby Mama In Yoga Pants (19 Pics, 1 Video)

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Can you tell what 50 Cent saw in her? By the time you see the 11th pic you probably will. Follow her on Instagram: @DaphneJoy. I gotta hand it to him, for a guy who spent the first half of his life getting shot in the face by crack dealers, 50′s done pretty well for himself. › Continue reading


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23 girls with slim waists and big booties in yoga pants

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If you like big booties, you might wanna check these pics out. Which one’s your fav? › Continue reading


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