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Smoking hot girl grabbing her own booty at the gym

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grabbing-her-own-bootyMaybe it’s the booty grab that exudes confidence or the Mona Lisa smile that makes this picture so damn sexy, but I have never wanted to spot someone so much in my life. A big round booty in white yoga pants has to be just about the sexiest thing in the world and this girl is killing it! If I saw her in the gym I’d be following her around licking the sweat she leaves behind on the machine. Alright, that’s the limit – I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. But you get my point.

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College Girlfriend Creep Shot

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A visitor’s girlfriend in yoga pants

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girlfriend-in-yoga-pantsSubmitted by Jesus… probably not that Jesus.

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Fiona Mcnab in yoga pants

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This chick is a personal trainer who loves showing off her ass. This video of her pulling down and putting back up her yoga pants is excellent. › Continue reading

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Good form on those lunges

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I would lunge into that booty. Anyone recognize that booty?

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