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If your yoga pants have this many holes, it’s time to buy some new ones

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need-new-yoga-pantsDefinitely don’t throw these ones out though.

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She’s doing outdoor yoga in see-through yoga pants, showing off her thong to the world

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A fit college girl in yoga pants

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Life Tip: Stay Hydrated

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white yoga shorts tanned girlEveryone has heard of the old “8 cups of water a day” saying, but did you know that the only way to actually accurately tell if you’re hydrated is by how much you pee? Apparently 4-8 times per day is the standard, up to 10 is no cause for concern and above 10 means you should consult your doctor. None of this is meant as medical advice, just something I found interesting. Anyways, who the hell comes to GirlsInYogaPants.com for hydration advice? Check out that beautiful ass! There’s something about white yoga shorts that really shows off a booty. So enjoy this one as well:

white workout shorts

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Incredible ass in yoga shorts

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