Random Girl in Yoga Pants


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Leave your best caption for this pic in the comments…

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  • Rick

    I think I lost my keys.

  • Shrumr

    I always knew black people were butt-babies.

  • Super Salami

    Um yeah, that will work just fine

  • whatshesay?!

    The booty shelf is approximately 6 inches deep and 18 inches across. The curvature is similar to an apple and the thighs are well practiced in face sitting. Yes, I do believe this is the finest booty in the world. Now the question is… Can I get my dick past those big cheeks?

  • scottt

    (he’s on the phone) uhhh huh,yeah,i’m lookin at it rite now……yup,looks good from here.

  • Tim

    Uh huh, yup I hear it ringing but I ain’t answering it.

  • jellyfilled

    just like a dawg would do

  • junnikko

    uh…yes… Houston we have visual… surface landing area seems to docile, calm and easily board able. Placing sensors to full output and visual to fine. If i get close enough i may be able to determine if the center crater is penetrable…. * sudden pause* Whats this?! i believe there is multiple entry points. I must delve deeper to continue my research… *comm goes silent briefly* *Clap clap clap, smack clap, 69 seconds later* …. uh… Houston… we have a problem.

  • @thekidkhughes

    “Damn. Even Beyonce’s stylist couldn’t help you.”

  • christian

    Damn, waldo’s not here either…

  • Woo hoo

    WOO HOO! We found the fishbowl. You were right…she did sit on it again.

  • StrokerAce

    “Daaammmmnnnnnn, dis ain’t no Photoshopped azz, dawg! Dat’s jus’ a lotta ass!”

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    I hit that nice ass but please lose the dude unless its me lol

  • Todd

    “ya it’s swollen alright! Let me know when the swelling goes down and I’ll get you to sit on the bee hive again”

  • Timbulb

    Goddamn bitch you is misshapen! Freak.

  • S. McGavin

    She just lifted his wallet. Booty hypnotization is no joke…

  • Scott

    Him “Damn that’s one nasty fat black ass bitch, stop eating those fuckin cheeseburgers”

  • Sizzlincok


  • t.j.

    It don’t matter what color she is, that shit is too big though. Scott is racist, u always throwing color in there.

  • projectbadass

    “Well there’s your problem right there.”

    Scott, I’d think someone like yourself who experiences the sting of homophobia every day of his gay life would be sensitive to the issue of race.

  • http://@iggysmallz813 IggySmallz813

    “No Doctor, it appears the swelling has gotten worse…”

  • jwils

    I wish I had more hands…So I could give that booty 4 thumbs down!

  • Man_Club_Prez

    “Uh no honey, those pants don’t make your ass look big.”

  • Brandon

    ( dame that’s a nice booty I wonder if she’ll let me touch it, oh dame she see’s me looking act like I have a phone call). Ps scott is gay!

  • BA

    Can you hear me now? Gooooooooood.

  • Patrick

    “I give you exhibit A. Now, notice that this nigger is ignoring every other aspect of his surroundings and has contracted what we have scientifically termed ‘booty fever.’ A nigger experiencing these symptoms will follow said booty anywhere, including onto a boat headed straight for Africa. And THAT is how we get rid of them. Thank you and God bless America.”

  • Steve

    Damn girl, you need to go on a diet.

  • Jtc

    So thats where I left my basketball!

  • James

    “Fuck it, I’m gonna bite this thing”

  • Matt Higgins

    “I have seen the mountain tops”

  • El

    Patrick you little attention whore keep your cock gripping fingers off that keyboard and get back to sucking dicks for heroin hits.

  • El

    Your ass just called me. No seriously its on the phone now.

  • Coach

    Don’t stair directly into it’s eye.

  • http://www.joseph-boxer.tumblr.com Joseph Boxer

    “As much as I love white women… they just don’t add up.”

  • Ronn

    Just like Sir Mix-Alot said, “BABY GOT BACK!”

  • Nazareth Beastman

    I want to see your original Long-form birth certficate! I don’t believe this is authentic!

  • Chris Brown

    Dat ass.

  • Tommy

    “No, AT&T didn’t drop the call, I am just rendered speachless”

  • Patrick

    El, I’m sensing a lot of projection in your post. I didn’t know they let you have internet access in rehab.

  • Manny L.

    “These are the best 3D glasses EVER!!!”

  • sh

    I love how you little punk faggot ass bitches talk all this shit from behind a keyboard. Gotta love the met.

  • Steve


  • Mark

    Y is that fools head in the picture??!!

  • LOnGCOCKSilver

    Now that’s an ASS.! Boom.

  • Zack

    This is definitely where I parked my car.

  • Kareem

    Here we see the has-a-loticus-of-ass-i-cus in her natural form as she proudly displays her mating mount to the male. He is keenly interested as he cautiously approaches, being ever so careful not to become totally captured. He is fully aware that if his advances are not done properly he may be consumed to further feed her behind.

  • Bruteyfool

    Did you swallow your gum cuz your ass is blowing a bubble!

  • Meathead

    That’s a hellava place to park your bike…

  • big fan

    Erkel got his groove back.

  • Nelson Monts

    lol…. f@gs get a life… you f@gs couldn’t tell a real girl if she slapped you in the face… this picture is just disgusting though… perfect for these f@gs though since they love anything, best they can get is a picture…. or g@y sex with doctor mario

  • Tharic

    look, a knickel

  • LunchBokz

    Booty Call: Can you hear me now?

  • Matt1228

    “How many months is that ass” ” hello ripleys believe it or not” “thank god for stretchy yoga pants” ” these yoga pants need yoga pants” ” ( | ) ” ” thank god for corn bread” ” yea bro this ass is bigger than my head”

  • Snypermac

    Bubble Yum!!

  • rob

    “damn… look at the ass on that shadow”

  • JohnnyN

    Yep…the rumproast is definitely DONE…

  • Dikwitha

    Looks like about 20 pounds of air needs to be let outa dat oversize ass.

  • big fan

    @ nelson monts we all can’t be a playboy like you. Most of us have jobs. This is something men do to kill time at work. You are a jealous little boy with no life. I love your posts. You are more than likely a latent homosexual. Good luck pal. Hope you can drag yourself out of the closet & find a guy to make you happy.

  • Salvador Soto

    Can you hear me now???

  • leggings lover

    “nigga please!”

  • Alex

    Patrick, I’m sensing some identification in your post. Keep your ignorant comments to yourself.

  • datrome94

    “If Rihanna had an ass like that I wouldn’t have had to whoop her ass.” Chris Brown

  • Dave

    I cant believe your back up lights are out!
    I’ll spot ya…..keep backin up

  • littleguy

    DAMN how am i supposed to get my dick in there?!

  • Bigdawgdan

    So let me get this straight, you shoved an inflatable raft into the anal cavity. And when you tried to remove it, you grabbed a string and pulled it? That would do it.

  • Dave

    My first thought was:
    That is the only booty I know that has it’s on zip code.

    You sure you my cousin Jeff is in there?

  • TonyJ

    Caption- “SAY WHAAAA?!”

  • Alex

    Patrick, I’m sensing a lot of identification in your post. I didn’t know this was a psych eval. Keep your ignorant racist comments to yourself.

  • http://myspace Tyler

    dammm this is by far the most sexiest ass ive seen. Dam!!!!

  • pablo_honey

    Whats its zip code?


    Now that’s very scientific and alluring!!!! We have two Black half moons surrounding the legendary black holes!!!

  • jeffm209

    A guy’s head or an orbiting planet?

    This site is on its way to being called “Girls in big fat Yoga Pants”

  • Nic

    It even has a cup holder.

  • Packman

    In the tone of Steve Urkel: “Did I do that?”

  • Patrick

    He says:…Do you think thats life threatening?

  • PatrickG

    thats my comment above…not that racist pos Patrick in the beginning of this.

  • Cameron

    I have a boner.

  • Baller

    Oh My God, where`s my basketball?

  • the green machine

    damn shanaynay lemme put my black train in that tunnel

  • Jace

    errrrrrrr did I do that?

  • joer

    That ass is the direct result of too many Cheetos and grape sodas. Silly negros…

  • http://www.theflowersneverdied.tumblr.com Jan

    Too much booty in them pants!!

  • kenny

    can you hear me now!

  • Joe


  • leavenamehere

    that ass is so big, it makes kim kardashian insecure.

  • Artica

    Pardon Me, Would You Happen To Have Any Grey Poupon???

  • Adam

    Excuse me ma’am can I put my drink here for a second

  • yes’sir

    Finally….the perfect bookshelf

  • Scott

    You fucking idiots need to learn the definition of the word racist. Fuck you people are stupid, uneducated dolts, probably American.

  • Patrick

    I’m not a racist, I don’t limit my hatred of stupidity based on race because race isn’t a determining factor of stupidity. However, most darkies are stupid, independent of their skin color, so I feel comfortable using blanket statements for them.

  • assman

    “damn baby i was always taught that when pregnant, you hold the baby in your stomach!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • David

    “So, were is the air valve, I want to see how big it will get before it pops!!”

  • Sam

    “Where the fuck did my drink go?”

  • John

    I am on the phone to the doctor…. He said its twins!

  • James

    Do these yoga pants make my butt look big.

  • nicole

    I seem to have misplaced my glasses, may I check behind your ass??

  • nicole

    I seem to have misplaced my glasses, can I check behind your ass??

  • Jordan Van Troyen

    The black “where’s Waldo” just found the perfect hiding spot.

  • http://Girlsinyogapants Claudio

    “Dam, I think it just grew again…..”

  • Frank “Maddogg” Mochrie

    Why your ass shaped like my head?

  • greezy

    Damn! It has a heartbeat. Gotta stick my dick in it.

  • Andrew

    Scott. I, like many others here, dissagree with some of the remarks made, unfortunately yours is among them. See AMERICAN is a RACE, so by insinuating any “dumb dolt” is American, your being a racist. Talk about being uneducated :)

    Caption: Yea, and how much does one of those cost? Okay thanks. *hangs up* The zoning committee says you need a permit for that

  • Samuel

    yep, that is an ass

  • James

    Hawt Damn! Kool Aid and Cornbread.

  • Josh


  • jessika

    Dammmmmmmnnnnnnnnn!look at her feet!

  • JonnyBlaze

    Now where did that quarter go?

  • Tom

    If only it was as big as the shadow

  • JD

    Ass so phat that you can see it from the front

  • Bryant

    ohhhh thats where i parked my car

  • idhitit

    Wow look at that huuuuge ass. I’d hit it and quit it. Another couple years of gravity and that amazingly perky looking ass is gonna drop to the floor :\

  • scott

    Yes Mam, you are suffering from left and right cheek hypertrophy, unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about that condition except keep a close eye on it. Come back and see me tomorrow! Dam!

  • Drewsky

    Girl, did you put my bowling ball in’ya ass?

  • http://www.girlsinyogapants.com Demetru Van Coy

    ” Is there party going on ? Because I see balloons . “

  • http://www.google.com R. Allen

    You see the guy is a new F.B.I. agent…..Female Booty Inspectors!!! He’s checking this one over real good!!!

  • sidrak

    Let the booty talk to me what that shit say

  • Makis

    Hey bro….lemme call ya back..

  • Ed

    Does it come with a back up camera?

  • sir skank hillary

    Does it come in a stick shift?

  • D

    hey bro im about to go hiking…soeak to u later.

  • DD

    Bro I got a booty call, I’ll call you back.

  • DubsackJack

    look at her for a sec…scratch your chin and say….Nice Shoes;) then just walk off

  • DubsackJack

    look at her for a sec…scratch your chin and say….Nice Shoes;) then just walk off

  • Breez

    Hold on a second, I think I left something behind.

  • Hector

    “So there’s where I parked my car!”

  • Ty

    A….. let me call you back I aint got no service in ALL DIS ASS IM IN!!

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