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  • RED

    What the hell was she thinking?

  • bobby

    “two out of three ain’t bad”


  • crabbypatty

    those pants are not flattering on a whale

  • JK

    I am sure she thought she took a medium.She always has.

  • cazr

    For shor the all fck the 2 on the right all nite yeah..

  • VerrucktsAl

    the one on the far right wins.

  • Pungdjur

    One of those rare picture that makes you horny and makes you vomit at the same time.

  • StrokerAce

    (R to L): Tap it! Tap it! FUCKING HARPOON IT!!!!!!!

  • assbandito

    Save a whale, harpoon that fat chick!

  • The Last Universalist

    I’ll take the one in all black. I don’t like skinny things with no butt.

  • RED

    the last universalist, you can have it, just don’t expect me to help you get the shoe you lost while trying to climb outta that ass.

  • eddie45

    Now THERE’S Costanza’s real girlfriend! A true WalMart trash troll.

  • Richmond

    Just because technically they have to make them in that size, doesn’t mean they should ever be worn.

  • Randy

    Lol, ok, the guys who run this site missed a golden opportunity by not having a caption contest with this photo as the subject.

  • anon

    One of the two fit ones should take the fat one to a really tough yoga class. Let her see what intense exercise attractive women must actually do to look good. Make sure she is surrounded by hotties so she can stew in self-pity and jealousy when she falls behind. Make her go till she’s completely out of breath and soaked with sweat and she collapses from exhaustion. Get her to admit that yoga pants are for fit people, and then strip those things off her.

  • CreepshotArmy

    Even being The Great Leader of The Creepshot Army,, I wouldn’t say anything mean but seriously who let her walk out of the house wearing yoga pants. Those two other chicks are NOT her friends! #sacrilege

  • George Costanza

    The fat one looks hot I would have sex with her she can sit on my face you nerds get the skinny boys next to her :)

  • The Last Universalist

    I’ll arm-wrestle you, GC. Winner gets the sexy big girl.

  • anusguy

    i would destroy the middle girl while making the fat one watch. the whole time i would ridicule her for being such a slob

  • Matman

    That big girls ass is as big as both girls put together. Is rather have the 2 ass’s rather than shamu’s.

  • Matman

    Her friends are to blame Wen u know they said ” ya wear those they look good on ya ” ! Wow

  • SportyGuy

    Oughtta be a law about this, but you do have to be impressed with the strength of the fabric

  • Eric

    A license should be required to wear spandex.

  • http://aol Buddy Roe

    Who is that man with the blonde wig with the two ladies?

  • heavycock

    I’m definitely gonna rub one out to the one with the wide body at the left. Just the way I like them, 250 lbs and better.

  • joe bob

    Theres always one of those. The skinny girl always has a fat friend. My wife is the fat friend.

  • a fit girl

    Notice how only boys will comment on this pic..?

    Yes, maybe its not a flattering pic for her, but i bet them 3 just got out of the gym, and shes trying to lose the weight.

  • conner

    Yep. May not be flattering in those pants. However. She probably looks good out of them. Well. To me at least. Lovin the thickies!

  • ellie


  • Adrian

    As a thick girl myself, I can tell that there are ways to make that shape look good. This is not one of them.

  • Guy Incognito

    The first one is too flabby… The second one is too skinny… The third one is juuuuussssssstttttt riiiiiggghhhttttttt

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