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This GIYP fan writes: My girlfriend gets a kick outta me checking out the site. She’d like to be on. lulu lemons from Canada. :) Make the jump for the full shot, and let her know what you think in the comments!

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  • Mike

    something Canada can be proud of besides hockey! ;)

  • ollie

    Perfect pose and angle. :)

  • Marco

    Not bad…need to be tighter, and more angles.

  • just

    its very hot! Loveable!

  • taz

    damn id hit that doggy style all nite long

  • Bobo


  • jimbo jones

    lol, there’s nothing there…. come back when you hit puberty girl… nice try though…. damn it doesn’t take much to please u kids on this website… you could put a pair of those yoga pants on a dirty old man and you weirdos would still be amazed over it…. i think its time to go out and get laid

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    This one is good 2 thumbs up!

  • MNOWAR454

    I agree with Jimbo

  • Justme

    Now thats some Canadian Bacon

  • damien

    Email me the rest of her pics and I will ne in touch

  • Baguito

    Great ASS ;)

  • pablo_honey

    Very respectable. I would like to see tighter YPs but I am not complaining.

  • Andrew

    If that’s what socialism, crappy beer, hockey and maple syrup produce then damnit, gimme some of that shit!

  • janey


  • StrokerAce

    jimbo jones says “…i think its time to go out and get laid”

    Well Jimbo, we’re not stopping you. When you finally understand what a female looks like, you’ll understand why we like this website.

    And now for the carnal lusting of another hot little ass…ohhhhhhhhhhh Canada! I stand on guard for thee! (And I think you all know what I mean. ;))

  • jeff


  • ILoveYogaPants

    Very nice! Can even see a little roundness of the meat taco. Love it!

  • eddie

    Wow, imagination runs wild!

  • boner

    oh canada, our home and native land, …. makes me wanna stand up and sing the national athem

  • Jeephreak

    Now that’s some Canadian bacon I could enjoy. Nom nom nom…

  • Aaron

    Love it!

  • Johnny

    I love you

  • http://ef Spen

    If I got to come home to that ass every night I would have no need for GIYP.com!

  • Darwin

    Great ass. Nice clam!

  • taz

    hey JIMBO if your always going to put down fine asses on here like you always do, then get the fuck out of here you moron


    Lovin’ those LuLu’s

  • jeff

    nothing beats canadian ass!!! thats a prime shot

  • Scott

    Crappy Beer? Andrew there’s no beer in the world that can come close to the quality of Canadian beer, especially that water Americans call beer.

  • Russel

    AMAZING!!! I want more!!! Canada Rocks :)

  • maestro716

    @Scott leave the bias attitude at the door. This is site is about ass, not what country brews the best alcoholic beverage.

  • Damien

    Not sure on this one yet… email me more pics of her and I’ll let you know.. ;)

  • Jeff

    I’d tap that

  • Me


  • Yowza

    Oh yeah, I would head north for some of that

  • allen duron

    need to get some thinner fabric, tighter pants and re-submit.

  • janey’s admirer

    Hows it going eh? Not bad for a Canuckster

  • http://usgirlonline.com/candice-swanepoel-is-victorias-secret-super-sexy-bombshell/ Candice Swanepoel

    This is site is about ass, not what country brews the best alcoholic beverage.

  • http://usgirlonline.com/candice-swanepoel-is-victorias-secret-super-sexy-bombshell/ Candice Swanepoel

    email me more pics of her and I’ll let you know..

  • G

    Spectacular cotton tail right there.

  • Johnny

    Top quality giyp’ery.

  • smokestack

    nice ass & mound but a question…am i the only one who noticed the shitload of lint balls on her ass??

  • Dwane

    oh canada, i want to grab your ponytail, smack that ass and hang on for the ride…chanting USA USA USA

  • Yoga Guy

    Fantastic! Nice and round, but not sloppy at all.

  • Pedro

    O Canada!

    Our home and native land!
    True patriot love in all thy sons command.

  • jimbo jones

    lol, you losers are so desperate you would do anything with a pulse… to the losers that try and put me down… i date models and playmates… i just find all of the stuff you weirdos write about these sad excuses for womens pictures hilarious…. i just read these comments to brighten my day…. you’re all nothing but a joke..

  • taz

    hey jimbo dating models and playmates dont count when your using your hand all the time jacking wishing you did, guareentee you are a skinny ass bitch with glasses and has cheetos and kleenex next to ya all the time

  • John

    Anyone would would write something as rediculous are “jimbo jones” did is either a 12 year old kid or a skinny little bitch with a self esteem issue for sure

  • Jon


  • Jprsmac

    This is an awesome shot. Please send more.

  • El

    I agree with jimbo you all are taking a bent over ass shot and drooling. This could be some skinny guy bent over. We have all seen some magnificent ass on this site and im sorry this is nothing convincing of the comments her besides those that say they need to see more. Let’s keep the standard up around here or the next pics may just be a waistband of the pants. We need full shots of the Total package.

  • dave

    And here I thought the best thing they had up there was Labatt 50. Chuh….!

  • Jim

    Hands down my #1 fav on GIYP. Right here. Wow. btw, ‘Go Oilers!’


    Now that’s a Pit Bull Pit Stop!!!!

  • jimbo jones

    ive been a douche what can i say lololololol losers

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