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We’ve got igloos, hockey and booty. Deal with it.

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  • George Costanza

    See I want to grab this girl by the hand and escort her to the hotel room where I lay her in bed and peel off her pants then spread her ass wide open where the anus winks at me and i DRIVE my pink tiny cock in her ass hole and flip the bird at GIYP commentators.

  • Henri Poincare

    I’d give her a good hard pounding.

  • jdl365jeff

    I can’t believe this guys is bragging about his tiny cock. Well anyway I wouldn’t even take her into the hotel room. I’d pull her pants off right there in the hallway and fuck her up that ass!

  • lolhead

    Lol who the heck sets up a photo like this?

    Hey. Let’s go into the dirty hallway so I can do a handstand. So you can take a photo of my butt. So I can put it on the internet. So fat nerds can want me. Lol. Hey where’s some mitts so my hands don’t get dirty?

  • George Costanza

    I’m an honest man! anyway if you had sex with her right there people would call the police and you would be arrested. A very unrealistic thought you wrote, next time take a few more seconds to make a better plan.

  • Neal

    Stand in front of her, stick my face into her ass and have her fart.

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