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Ladies beware, our fans are creep shotting everywhere! Tory and Cam teamed up to snap these pictures of a GIYP ordering some J-Whops.. they submitted them on Twitter to us late last night and when we saw it.. well, it really added a whole new level of creep to it..

This girl’s ass had paparazzi chasing it and she didn’t even know! Like what you see? Keep going for the enlarged shots..

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  • buttman

    sorry man no good, thats just an odd looking ass. Kinda low and flat.

  • bootylov

    Thi is terrible, looks like a square.

  • Bootyologist

    thats actually not too bad. keep in mind i am using a rating scale designed for white girls. which is a completely different measure than the one associated with minority women (black and hispanic), for obvious reasons.

  • Ch’booie

    I think this is the kind that looks really good in person and makes you glad you left the house that day, but isn’t quite good enough to make it in the big leagues of the internet.

  • loki

    hey Bootyologist, news flash: WHITES ARE THE MINORITY!!! only 8% of the worlds population and only 4% of which are of child bearing age ;(

  • StrokerAce

    She’s been king sizin’ too many orders, and it’s starting to show.

  • fahro

    this is why i love white girls..they may not have the best body but they will make damn sure you get the best view of it..can i have that booty with a large fry haha



  • hardymardy

    how did u even manage to get that

  • Richard Head

    SpongeBob SquareAss.

  • http://n/a Lululemon

    Not perfect but who cares? The whole point of yoga pants is that they make everything look passable. That’s why I love yoga pants, this site, and this chick.

  • Carnage

    Congrats to the creeper who got that shot with her man standing right there!!!

    And her butt does look weird…. wide, flat and squared…

  • Bob Loblaw

    That’s not worth snapping a picture of…

  • Yaa!

    I hate how everyone goes nuts over a huge fatass bitch on here but hates on a luscious, nicely formed ass.
    That is one of the best ones ive seen on GIYP!!!

  • George

    Damn girl !

  • Phillip

    One of the best asses I’ve seen, she should order a couple extra whoppers too just so that booty can be even bigger :D definitely smackable, grabbable, and I’d fuck the shit out of her just to get a taste of DAT ASS

  • Tim

    Damn.. Beautiful

  • Tim


  • colts1832

    Why is that ugly ass on this website? Spongebob Square Ass

  • justin

    love this pic

  • ben violand

    Mmm, now thats not the best ass but the pants do wonders!

  • thuggin

    id hit it all night

  • YoungLazy

    now thats what i call a hottie

  • ian


  • jon brown

    id like ketchup on those patties!

  • kevin

    not everyone orders them super sized

  • Mike Dodd

    damn i wouldve grabbed it if i were there

  • Aaron


  • ian


  • http://www.facebook.com b

    I would love to get a hold of those sweaty pants after a work out and seep those fuckers in a pot and make a nice well rounded tea.

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