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I dated a girl with a bubble butt once, she was in shape and it was awesome. This isn’t her for the record, GIYP Fan Derrick sent this in.


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  • bubblebuttlover

    Hey the bubble but is the Truth!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harry Jackass

    That should have a big Mr Yuk sticker on it

  • Adam

    Is this chick pregnant? Or does she just have a big gut? Look at how she’s resting her arm on it.

  • James

    Bubble butt and bubble gut

  • money shot

    she’s pregnant you nubs! which potentially makes her even hotter…..hehe

  • http://www.myspace.com/457527366 Alejandro, fan of CJ

    If she’s pregnant, that’s fine. Working her from behind then should be preferred!

  • jtc

    This is the blurriest blurr I eve blurred

  • matthew

    to the pic taker,lay off the crack,red bull or whatever your on and learn to focus the camera,gives me a headache just looking at it.or maybe its flash backs of the ex.who cares

  • Moe Dirt

    maybe the blur is what makes those legs look so huge?

  • Nelson

    i love bubbles

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