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Brandie Lynn Is Back With More Face-Melting Pics

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What’s better than a blurry picture of Brandie Lynn‘s amazing ass in white yoga pants? Three higher-quality pictures of that whooty. To say that I would give up everything I have in life to nestle between those cheeks for 5 minutes would be an understatement, even if I was as rich as Donald Trump. Although, despite all that money and fame, I’m pretty sure that atrocious hairpiece would scare her away.

Brandie is training to compete in her first bikini competition which is coming up in a couple of months. If you like these pictures, you should probably go follow her on twitter @MsBrandieLynn, where she’ll be posting progress pics.




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  • SgtLex

    If you around me in those looking that sexy, no way would I want to hold back :-D

  • this_is_my_user

    wow. all i can say is wow.

  • steve

    i’d let her take a dump on my face.

  • George Costanza

    OMG, I want to SHOVE my face up your ass and inhale for 2 minutes then exhale in heaven!

  • RipTide

    My God, I bet her asshole is delicious

  • gusbrown

    I would suction my lips over her asshole, then grab her buttcheeks and squeeze her shit directly into my mouth

  • Redbull87

    Hot Hot Hot

  • straf24

    Please please please send in a vid of someone slapping that gorgeous ass and the waves of giggle that follow. I’d bust a few extra nuts for sure.

  • hahahahahahahha

    I’d love to ride her hard from behind, but I’m sure my little piece would slip right out all the time with an ass like that

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  • Ch’booie

    These are some of the best photos on here. Her ass looks adorable and so, so cute in these pics.

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