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34 Comments Big booty  //  Video
  • Bob

    Wow.. that just can’t be real!

  • Yowza

    come bounce that for me! MMM

  • chucky

    bubble butts not usually my thing
    but DAMN! i can’t stop watching. she’s gettin’ my mojo goin’

  • Brandon

    Am in love. (with a stripper).

  • Mickie Smallz

    What’s the name of that song!

  • Cadwae

    Too bad black girls faces aren’t that pretty. Cause their skin tone and asses are amazing. But most are so fugly.

  • Douglas

    Stop with the crack head, ghetto booties…

  • MissA

    ^why she gotta be a crack head ?

  • Bob Loblaw

    If ya can’t clap it, I don’t wanna slap it :P

  • Rocketman

    That is NOT a good video,a very flabby ass bouncing a little too much,not some firm tight booty…if I wanted to see a booty bouncing that like that one I’d buy my wife pair of yoga pants, and I promise ya’ll do NOT want too see that!!!

  • http://Girlsinyogapants BigBrotha

    Why hate on her if you don’t like her by assume she’s “ghetto” I appreciate all ASSES on this site. Plenty of white women on her with larger asses and I love those to!! If you don’t like this chick you’re either gay or don’t feel man enough to handle her in the bed.

  • T-Bone

    @Rocketman Hahahaha! You got a great point. Let’s see some hotties with tight ones!

  • Dwane

    Lookout it is “Jello Ass” to the rescue!!!!

  • Scott

    No more fat black ass ghetto booties please, that shit’s just fucking nasty to look at.

  • Jason

    I get that this isn’t everyones style, but can anyone really say they wouldn’t have wanted to be sitting on that couch when she was working it. Come on, the rest of her body is actually really tight.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, didn’t realize how much racism is on this website. There are flat asses, round asses, and big asses posted on this site. If you don’t like a particular one then move on with your life. Guys are getting angry like their life revolves around this website. Go outside and get some pussy you ugly fucks.

  • G

    I wonder how many kids from different baby daddys she has. Work it girl!!

  • Vic

    That black girl is too much woman for me. i’ll stick to dumb blondes.

  • hey_how_ya_doin?

    where’s johnny?

  • dave

    Freakin’ amazing, Mami. I darned near broke my boner when my jaw fell on it. I’ll bet that lady’s got an O-ring that’ll squeeze the juice out of a lime.

  • LOnGCOCKSilver


  • LOnGCOCKSilver

    @BigBrotha… Thank you for the truth!

  • ken

    omfg that is so beautiful

  • me

    What a beautiful woman, wish I had her body. But don’t like that women always have to make cheap stripper videos..

  • Darnell

    Man that chick ass is amazing idk what yall talking about i would murder that shit but i want to know how much of that she can do with a dick in her

  • itchTHEscratch

    God damn I’m in love.
    I found this vid of her and Cubana Lust:


  • mrfantaztic

    yes yes yes….i definetely lovestar….

  • will

    Not a ghetto booty. Ghetto booties are the same as trailer trailer trash booties…. mostly ugly!

    There are small booties on this site.. but nobody calls them redneck…peckerwood, or white trash booties pancake booties…. keep the racial stuff to yourselves yea?

  • Dee

    OOOOWWWEEEE git it ma!!

  • t lynn

    very impressive and SEXY! tight body and purple lips. i’m a man lovin chick, but i promise i’d tear that girl up, while rubbin all OVER that booty. :)

    serious with the racial stuff- if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. keep the shitty comments to yourself.

  • http://backdoorjohnny gogettm


  • Pattie Pie

    who ever has bad things to say is just jealous, Damn I couldnt quit watchin. Such a tiny waist line with all that ass. My husband would love to watch. Amen for all type of woman.

  • Dylan

    Dude I saw some girl walking infront of me at school in yoga pants and her ass was kinda bouncing like the chick in the video

  • Assman

    Look at the flat stomach though…so what the ass is wobbly…it looks good perfectly round…all u hatinass white boys can eat a dick …cuz im sure you gay

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