Random Girl in Yoga Pants


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  • montrealbuttlover


  • LB

    That is sexy!

  • http://www.THRACKADOOM.com Ettiquette

    Sweet Fancy Moses!

  • LB

    And by Coke bottle I think you mean sweet, brown, bubbly goodness.

  • GoCanes


  • Heywood Jablowme

    She is bangin.

  • Dikwitha


  • Rick

    Damn, she’s got my vote. I see this lady as a potential GIYP Hall of Famer.

  • jephro

    Yes, you win.

  • StrokerAce

    Wow, she is gorgeous! And her curves are delectable! :D


    Loves the full body shots. Nice to see a beautiful body along with a bountiful Booty. Just a wonderful package.

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    Damn, Shes RIGHT! __________________________MORE PICS FROM HER!

  • Robert

    First Ballot HoF !!

    Damn, shes fine. More pictures!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/457527366 Alejandro, fan of CJ

    Absolutely gorgeous. The waist-to-hips ration must be crazy.

  • brewmaster58

    I would drink DEEP from THAT bottle.

  • http://facebook.com shawn beezy

    whuts yo name??lol….damn shes beautiful an got boooty……

  • Greathirteen

    9.9/10….This chick is fucking stunning, from the amazing ass to the flat stomach and the pretty face she is beautiful.

  • jtc

    thats what im talking about! we need more black ladies on here. def hawtness

  • juicy j

    my case of jungle fever just got incredibly worse! thats a bad bitch.

  • http://twitter.com/casperxs Alex (@casperxs)

    what a wonderful ass :D amazing

  • http://twitter.com/casperxs Alex (@casperxs)

    what a wonderful ass :D amazing and her lips are pretty

  • nita

    Nice shape, but look at those flabby arms :( Give her 3 years or a kid and those arm and thigh fat deposit genes are going to go apeshit and she’ll be awful.

  • FatMammie

    D: Woooooooow…..

  • wide one

    awesome ass, love to see her bent over in front of me !

  • Daniel

    my gawd girl… where were you when i replaced my last g/f. oh yeah… i know where you were: Way Outta My League!!!


    @Daniel. ROFLMAO!!!

  • Rick

    @JuicyJ – Damn right, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    I say that girls who wind up in the Hall of Fame need to have (in addition to a few special HOF pics just for the occasion) a selection of great comments that properly describe their fame on this site.

    So far for her, I’ll go with comments by Daniel, JuicyJ, Brewmaster58, and Ettiquette.

  • Joe

    damn, I’d need a McLaren to handle all them curves !

  • assman

    Good GOD that’s beautiful!

  • D-Ron


  • Charles

    She makes me thirsty

  • the kid

    now this is what a sista SHOULD look like.

  • bumbum


  • Mike Oxfat

    if shes 18, im jimmy swaggart :) just imagine how full that will be when she matures…

  • thatguy


  • Sneeze

    Baby’s got back, and a beautiful face? Daaamn. Hall of fame for sure.

  • controller

    GOOD-ness! To the poster: There are laws of physics you know! How dare you break them!

    You’re a hard 9! You could send more pictures, and don’t forget to include your pretty face!

  • jake

    She reminds me of Jessica Rabbit.

    Why do all these hotties feel the need to use a mirror to take their own picture? Stick your head out the window and yell out “Will somebody take a picture of my booty?”

    Check the door. That’s me knockin’.

  • Tech9ine

    You are GORGEOUS!!!

  • the ass doctor

    nita sounds like a hatter bitch so your dismissed, this cuttie looks 2 young 4 me 2 fuck,but she is very pretty

  • Sweet

    I just got off


    Whew!!!!!! I’d give her a tongue bath anytime of the day!!!!

  • pro_junior

    my girlfriend has a coke bottle figure too…
    but it’s the 2 liter bottle :(

  • Spencer

    mehh…I never really had a thing for black chicks. she has a nice body but i wouldn’t do her

  • StrokerAce

    I hope we get more pics from this hottie someday! :D

  • Yoga Guy

    Wow…just Wow…that is what “curvy” is supposed to mean. Outstanding.

  • Ilikebigbutts

    Dr Dr, I need help !! I think I got a bad ass case of Jungle Fever !!!!

  • El

    I couldn’t think of another chick I would have to have after seeing this.

  • http://niobiumboy@yahoo.com LORCO

    What a beautiful girl!! Absolutely perfect shape!

  • BroadStreetBully


  • Scott


  • Hedfurst

    I retired from doing black girls but I would come out of retirement 1 last time for that…

  • Lerrinus

    Whoa! A Black “Jessica Rabbit”! Total Hotness!

  • Rod

    She’s more enjoyable when there’s some in her?

  • Rod

    She’s more enjoyable when there’s some rum in her?

  • eddie

    Very not bad, almost classy!!! Love that bump

  • fgv

    Vanessa Veasly=name

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