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I was going to title this post “Body Like An Hourglass”; But after seeing all those tweets from kids who just found out the Titanic was real, and not just a work of fiction with an 85 minute wait to see Kate Winslet’s tits.. I wasn’t sure if the young folks who visit our site would know what that was..

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  • brian

    Repost. And still not sure if its real

  • D

    This has to be fake

  • ************

    that is hottt!!!!

  • http://girlsinyogapants.com romulan

    tha shoes did for me

  • Gordon


  • Gordon


  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Ass sniffer

    I would love to cream pie her poop shoot

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99


  • bobby

    at least half the photos on this website are fake. while i wish they were real, i just don’t believe anything i see on here anymore.

  • mlody

    it is fake pic – tire

  • Canuckguy

    Fake or not, still mind boggling.

  • Khody

    looks like she took a dump in her pants and is still walkin around with it in there!

  • Nick

    Looks like shes enroute to go meet her NBA player boyfriend…say hello to kwame brown skank

  • John

    I’m so sick of all these asswipes that cry “photoshopping” all the time. I have been alot of places and seen alot of strange bodies…face it…they are out there…and you are NOT all photo experts!!!! @ Bobby…If you don’t believe that any of these photos are real, then why are you still coming back to the website? Its a nice pic of a nice body…stop your whining!!!!

  • vince

    ok, well riddle me this, why is the shadow of the tripod and car going in a different direction than the shadow of her leg?

  • YoungGun

    If it’s real, I’ll pass. It looks like an ass someone forgot to put a body on.

  • hitman

    That looks just like my wifes ass……too bad the rest of HER is as big as the booty! hahahaha!

  • paul

    i would not mind opening up a bottle of coke that is for sure

  • henri

    haha good eye vince

  • StrokerAce

    I think mlody is onto something about the tire. Check out how the curve of the wheel seems to go almost straight into the point between her left elbow and torso. That curve isn’t exactly circular as a tire/wheel should be.

    This was a tough one, and trust me, I’ve been gazing at it (or “beating off to it”) for awhile. ;)

  • JET

    wtf. doesn’t look the least photoshopped. dont be ridiculous. look at kim K. some women just do have big asses. some women just do have a really tiny waist.

    this doesn’t look THE LEAST BIT photoshopped. there’s nothing wrong anywhere.

  • Johnny

    I bet I could make that shoe disappear somewhere….

  • King Shit

    Not every chick with a big ass is fake, what the hell is wrong with ya’ll. Real women have curves, c’mon!!

  • shawn

    Who really cares if it’s fake, it got me hard, and those boots! Those are my weakness right there, they command my attention!

  • jack

    That is one messed up A$$!!!

  • http://Giyp ASS KING

    I’d Luv to run my touge through that Ass!!!’ then bend her over and shove my Dick up her Ass!!!! She would have to be wearing the boots of course!!

  • Duke Obama

    Fake ass.

  • blackls

    Double pass , what a loaded
    FAT ASS.

  • mclovin

    Its just the tripod that has a shadow that doesn’t conform. The shadow of her leg goes with the shadow of the cars mirror. Far as the tire I think someone made her stomach flatter. Hope the ass is real tho cause I’d fuck it

  • BootyHunter

    woof!! the front tire gives it away but still i would kick that out of bed after i fucked her mouth

  • caleb

    wow! what an ugly butt. all you guys sayin this is hot you guys hav really set your standards low. what and ugly fat ass

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