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Bleacher is a weird word. Bleacher.

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  • Sam FLo

    I would love to take a big old Bite out of that!!!!

  • RawK

    Dayuuuuummm thats nice ;)

  • George Costanza

    FUck I creamed my pants :( imagine lick & sniffing that hot sweaty ass! oh my!

  • Sam FLo

    the only way those shorts could be any hotter is if they were in my mouth

  • Jimbostro

    Wish I was those shorts!!

  • Corey

    I’d eat that ass for an hour!

  • marvin

    totally sexy

  • Netjnke


  • buck safety

    yo, what the fuck? where’s the good shit? this is some fucked up shit, man. ain’t no ass there. you even sure that ain’t a guy’s ass? I’ve seen fuckin’ flamers running around California campuses in fuckin’ yoga pants. seen ‘em in fuckin’ Florida too, go figure. most of the time you have good shit on here, but some times you post sorry shit that makes you look like Fido’s ass. this is one of those times. quit posting meth-head or fuckin’ flamer ass shots.

  • Andy

    That girl runs those bleachers for sure.. WOW!

  • GIYP192

    PLEASE tell me this is from a porno…PLEASE

  • boss

    Her name is Kari Sweets.. She only does softcore, basically lingerie model. No nudes whatsoever. Still hot as hell with a fantastic ass. Look her up.

  • StrokerAce

    I guess buck safety has been “fooled” by one too many ladyboys in his time. Oh well.

    Meanwhile, these may or may not be yoga shorts, but who wants to split hairs like that? I wanna split those butt cheeks! :D

  • bobby

    StrokerAce, please tell me you are a writer. I’d hate to such such a talent limited to the message boards of soft-core porn websites.

  • loki

    let’s all chip in and help our friend Stroker finally get laid.

  • http://Giyp ASS KING

    Great Ass!!! After licking all over it, I’d shove but Dick right in!!!!!

  • JoeBob

    I know where that is!! It’s Yuba City high school football stadium! She is wearing a Yuba City high PE t-shirt. We went there for a football camp and there was all kinds of hotties walking the track, it’s open to the public!

  • Fred


  • YoungGun

    Wow…my mouth is watering.

  • Randy

    I love outfits like this – shorts so short, and a t-shirt just long enough that it doesn’t show the shorts, and you wonder if she’s wearing anything under the t-shirt. Such a hot tease…

  • mark

    omg yeah….the perfect a$$! we have a divine creator and there’s your proof!!!

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