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Today is my best friends 24th birthday and rather than get him an actual gift I decided to give him the gift of booty. Yes, I’m that cheap. So here’s to you KG, I’ll be joining you in the 24 club in a couple of days.. Any girls that are feeling generous can go ahead and send me booty pictures for my birthday, I won’t complain. Click here to do that! Or just keep going for the enlarged shots..


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    Very tasty looking ass.

  • Me

    That is fantastic.

  • Ricardo

    Hey can someone call me 7177253828 I’m gay.

  • Fuckassmaster

    Fuck ass master

  • StrokerAce

    It’s also D-Day today, meaning I want to Dive my Dick into her Normandy. ;)

  • Ass Master

    I love that I have a fan club!

  • Bob the Builder


  • Fuckassmaster

    Fuck ass master

    U suck at life
    U Dumb S.O.B.

  • Ass Master

    My fans love me!!
    I have people here that are publicly announcing that they want to fuck me!

  • jack

    Very nice!!!

  • NiceGuy

    I wanna hump her in that position

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