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David sent in this nameless booty.. Anyone know who it belongs to? Check out the enlarged version and let us know in the comments..

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  • showtime

    I need it, I want it, I love it

  • buttman

    fat as fuck, no thanks.


    Body is built for rough sex!

  • illest


  • StrokerAce

    It belongs to StrokerAce if she wants to come on over and let me hit that thing. ;)

  • J

    Damn, that’s a thing of beauty!!

  • The Last Universalist

    Good-looking babe.

  • George Costanza

    i’m a high ranking member of the Aryan Brotherhood but fuck that i’d pummel this black booty for days!!!!

  • bill

    i just want to shove moldy cheesecake up that asshole(only to eat out later), followed by my face, then fist it elbow deep getting every last crumb up her poopchute. I shall then feed her $15 worth of Taco Bell, and have her rip a massive, wet one right into my mouth, followed by her cheeks pressing against my suffocated face and smearing her excriments (still wearing her yoga pants) all over my face. dinner. of. champions.

    It’s asses like these that I would do wonders to.

  • paul

    the stuff i would do to her would even blow my mind.

  • No Fat Chicks

    Absolutely disgusting, all the way down to that massive, ugly tattoo.

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    DAMN!!!!!! yes we can PARTY!

  • DatAss

    Can we please kick out the guy who always uploads big booties. Me no gusta.

  • Alex soto


  • Chun


  • Mediocraty

    If you don’t want that ass you are gay. She has big hips to grip and cram your junk into that ass. I would shove my balls into her asshole while fucking her pussy just so I don’t bounce off.

  • Mediocraty

    If you don’t want that ass you are gay. She has big hips to grip and cram your junk into that ass. I would shove my balls into her asshole while fucking her pussy just so I don’t bounce off.

  • George Costanza

    YOu guys are racist, this babe has a smokin body annd just cuz your family would disown you if they caught you jackin to a black booty dont mean you have to post such a negative remark on GIYP.

  • Reggie

    I would suck the fart out of her ass.

  • Horny Badger

    What an ass and those legs are nice and thick.

  • Ch’booie

    If you don’t think that big, thick, sexy women like this are unattractive you must be a weak little faggot with small hands, pale skin and a soft skull. I bet when you cum, nothing but a tiny little amount of gray dust comes out, and then you go soft right away and you fall asleep.

    Women like this are too big and strong and powerful for you because you’re a weak little fag and you’re intimidated, because you’re a fag, you fag.

  • Ch’booie

    Disregard my previous post. In it I said “unattractive” instead of “attractive” and that completely changed the entire message of my post. I have failed. I will now retreat. But you are still most likely a fag.

  • Quis

    That chick is bad. That’s a Sprint employee t shirt. Very appropriate for that ass.

  • Carnage

    Pass. not a fan of wide hips…. sorry

  • colts1832

    F’n gross!! Fat blob

  • http://real.com realist

    If you’re gay, racist or a combination of the two, it’s still hard to legitimately resist a girl like this especially if she’s coming onto you. Ass…tits…hips……………spandex!!

  • booty professor

    Perfect. Perfect. Perfect! I’m n LOVE!

  • bill

    Agreeing with Reggie on this one. I’de eat her warm moist shit too. then make out with my shit covered mouth, followed by an elbow deep fisting with some leftovers and shove them back, waaaaay up her rectum. that way she can shit it out again, up my nostrils this time.

  • No Fat Chicks

    Once again, fat, gross, trashy, and disgusting.

  • thomas

    taking a picture of yourself in clothes you havent paid for just to show off your body is just sad

  • Master Amsu

    meaty just like I like em

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