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Yoga pants and video games, a great combination. This is still definitely the best design I’ve ever seen on a pair of yoga pants. What do you think of this girl that’s rocking them?

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  • Yes sir

    I want to cum on that ass.

  • Rad

    Cute, nice boobs, thin waist, and firm booty. Nice all around.

  • Anonymous

    id stick

  • anonymous

    yaris sanchez

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Ass sniffer

    I want to spread her ass cheeks and eat her brown eye

  • Canuckguy

    What a bunch of potty mouths. Please don’t come out of your parent’s basements.

    As for the booty, sexy now, she is young and firm. But she will have a huge fat butt later in life.

  • TheInternetCensor

    Consider this a Gateway to Hell foto
    You are notified to unview this foto

  • Derek

    ^Is that your first time on this site?

  • Ginger guy am

    That ass makes me very hard want to play drums on dat butt

  • David

    ;) id put it in her butt.

  • StrokerAce

    Holy fuck, she is too pretty to not want to fuck on a regular basis. And there’s something oh so wonderful about voluptuous women in spandex that drives me absolutely wild.

    Yeah, I gotta spank it. That’s my name, ya know. ;)

  • http://aol Buddy Roe


  • http://aol Buddy Roe

    Conceited, Vain HOE!


    Another fuckin’ boot biscuit rockin a fat dimply ass.
    Nice weave though!
    I wonder how many food stamps those pants cost?

    Thanks for nothing GIYP. I’d rather look at my own ass than that black skank…

  • Richard Head

    If I cum before her pants hit the ground can I scream, “Tetris!”

  • S.A.


  • The Last Universalist

    I’d rock it with her every day.

  • Fuckgeorgecontanza

    Ass master ur just gay

    This is an almost perfect woman

  • Fuckassmaster

    Ass master ur just gay

    This is an almost perfect woman

  • Fuckassmaster

    Ass master ur just gay

    This is an almost perfect woman

  • Fuckassmaster

    Ass master ur just gay

    This is an almost perfect woman

  • CG

    WOW! Gotta love the sheer type yoga pants, I don’t have to use my x-ray to see what’s underneath. Nice!

  • bootylov

    If anybody says something bad bout this they are fags!


    Unreal. Look at that fat fucking ass.
    Can you please stop posting black chicks with fat asses?
    Send them to crenshaw where they belong. Let the dumb gangsta’s drool over those fat black asses.. They’re good for nothing but collecting welfare and spitting out unfortunate children that don’t have a chance.

  • jack


  • steve tasker

    she should have saved the $ and put it into a 529 for her kid.

    as for her other pix on the internet, she should go to a DR cuz i think her ass is infected.

  • assbandito


  • CG

    @bootylov- I agree with you on that. This woman is every man’s dream, but often times we have to settle.

  • ricknick

    What the fuck is the craze with the librarian glasses??? Is that supposed to make her look educated and sophisticated? Get the fuck outta here…a common no class Rican. Typical pig in a dress.

  • joe

    Yeah, another fat ass wanting her 15 SECONDS of internet fame. PASSSSSSS on the FAT ASSSSSSSS

  • M

    Cute girl.

  • kerrie

    wow there is so much racism on this site you guys are disgusting if you don’t like it then why even look at the picture?…I’m sure there KKK has a website on the internet somewhere why don’t you go jerk off to that.

  • Yogagirl

    There not yoga pants they are retro gamer leggins from Black milk clothing.

  • Yogagirl

    Ok idiots, 1st learn what yoga pants are, these are leggins from black milk clothing, nothing to do with yoga.

    2nd she would have taken this picture to put on the black milk page were we all take a photo of the product we buy and send them to the designer.

  • Wildhound

    I wanna ass-tetris her if you know what I mean. Her perfect ass is the right match for my penis!

  • George

    Ok, new to the site. This chick is incredibly hot. To say that she could use my face as a lounge chair is an understatement. My new address is 1234 Upinher St.

  • http://. The Potential John

    If I had to pick a way to die….I’d probably want to be smothered by this girl…any other pics of her?

  • http://O The Potential John

    …yep, most definatly would want the last thing i ever see to be that ass from underneath…

  • Master Amsu

    Cute and a very nice ass :)

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