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  • Idar

    That ass & those thighs !!

  • paul

    i want this woman really bad. she is smoking hot. that ass and those thighs are something else

  • Lebron

    Do we know for sure that’s not a dude?

  • adlyia

    I’m with Lebron on this one… Look at the forearm. That’s a dude.

  • StrokerAce

    Then that’s a very slim dude with an hourglass shape…huh? :?

  • baloo

    Its Gracyanne Barbosa

  • Dtech

    Wow, I actually know this guy. Sorry to drop the dime and to disappoint but tat is a guy. He works out at my gym in Cleveland. Am he is not slim!

  • reprieval

    its not a guy its Gracyanne Barbosa. she is very build i must say.

  • Ch’booie

    Google says it’s Gracyanne Barbosa. I really wonder what’s to be gained from cropping out her head and then pretending to not know who she is when they post the picture.

  • a55

    Christmas came early!

  • The Last Universalist


  • Mrdatruthhurts

    You sure… looks like a man.

  • Horny Badger

    That body is just awesome.

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