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  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Russelthelovemuscle

    Cumm all over that fart locker

  • Dam

    I think i am a bit worried i like that ?

  • chester

    when that bitch stands up gravity will take over and all your going to see is a giant fat ass. PASS

  • The Last Universalist

    Chester must be a queer.

    That is a magnificent rump. I could have fun with that for a LONG time.

  • Billy Bob

    Horizontal stripes on a fat ass makes it look even bigger than it already is. I give her a 3 on my crank-o-meter.

  • Billy Bob

    @TheLastUnversalist I have to agree with chester. That’s a big ol ass.

  • The Last Universalist

    BB, the bigger the cushion…

  • DougieLittleHand

    I would pull those ugly pants down and dump a load on her wide load.

  • Neal

    spank that ass.

  • StrokerAce

    Those are great tights, but I wouldn’t mind seeing them on a more slender booty. Still, I like her spirit. ;)

  • Billy Bob

    @TheLastUnversalist Yea I know bigger the cushion. I just think once those pants get peeled of of her that ass is going to puff up like a dough ball.

  • dingus

    I’d fuck that till next Tuesday!

  • Morning Ass Scent

    I would love to stick my finger in that asshole after sleeping 10+ hours after a long night out and make her smell the pure anal shame on my fingertip.

    I would then proceed to jerk off while smelling my finger and shooting a load of cum in the toilet.

  • http://www.first.com first


    Yeah I’m always first bitch

    Is this pic seriously posted on the site… guys come on now, let’s get our shit together.

    As your unofficial GIYP Quality Control Director I apologize you have to see this pic, my children.

    Definitely a fat sloppy saggy huge ass with a brown asshole and a stinky thong. It won’t pass the toilet bowl test.

    We can do beter than this guys!

    Obviously, this ass gets my sweet tiny stinky huge fat mushroom stamp of:

    P A S S

    Again, I apologize this ass was posted here and for wasting your precious time.

  • BigBootyLover

    I’d tap dat ass

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