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If you see a booty like this and don’t snap a creep shot, you’re no friend of mine. High res version, after the jump

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  • StrokerAce

    That ass needs to be tapped, and now! Lemme at her! :D

  • James

    i want to get on my knees and pull down those pants, and insert my tongue

  • Randy

    Love how she wears her leggings. The only thing that would improve that outfit is a pair of black fuck-me pumps with 4″ heels. And 6 ribbons of my hot boy-goo on her black spandex covered thighs.

  • SLutButts

    This is by far the absolute best photo on this site! This photo signifies why I start my day every morning by coming to GIYP! This is by far on a scale of 1-10 a perfect 15!

  • bd

    Tad Overweight

  • redneckpipeliner

    I could see how you would think she is over weight, if you like little boys.

  • http://girlsinyogapants.com/2012/big-booty-creep-shot-2/#more-8633 Tj

    Let me tap dat ass

  • Steamy semen

    Id tear that ass like tissue paper

  • louielouie

    oh dear lord

  • Mark


  • soup

    i tapped an ass like this back in high school but it was a bit bigger more defined and wasn’t chubby. ahhhhhh man its been a year since i tore that ass and pu%&y up.

  • Ace2012

    Again I say, Is there anything on a women’s body more sexy then a juicy ass?NO!Never will be.This ass is for all women to show off, and for us men to bang good and hard.

  • Fred

    +1 on the tongue in her ass.

  • hank

    pretty plump, id take her in the car and give her a rompin, god i love leggings!

  • Ifucksyogapantsass

    Shiiiiiiet dog I be creepin on the daily, I be all up in dat ass fa sho! Bang that shit out hard as fuck.

  • tommyboy

    That is such a hot ass I would bang it once a day

  • Verified Columnist

    diff angle? :O

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