Random Girl in Yoga Pants


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Her name is Andressa Urach, and she’s your new Brazilian fantasy.




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  • john

    This has to be made out of plastic :)

  • Chun

    My wife….

  • henri

    holy street cakes

  • Neal


  • StrokerAce

    GODDESS!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

  • Aldaris

    Instant hall of fame….

  • Gabby Johnson

    Her name is actually pronounced undress-a your-ass

  • Thomas

    Wow, lots of naked pics of her on google images

  • Turd Ferguson

    I wonder if she needs those pants shined!

  • BigBoy

    fucking goodness, Who made this has probebly the best moment in LIFE. fucking nice! only 1 picture is missing from the side. than it was picture perfect.

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Iheartbigloads

    Today might be a 4 load day with this rate

  • luke

    Hall of fame for sure. I’ve never seen an ass that perfect in real life.

  • Richard Head

    Between those pants and her ass I’m glad I can’t be convicted for what I’m thinking. Now excuse me as my phone needs to be cleaned.

  • Zack Morris

    If I am ever forced to be at the end of a human centipede, my one request is that this chick be placed in front of me.

  • bootyologist

    fuk this. im getting divorced and moving to brazil

  • gringo

    i live in brasil, i see that all the time. it gets old ;)

  • MakeITfit

    100% ass implants but Id stuff that for her anytime!!

  • Reck

    She kinda looks like Anna Paquin in the face.

    Det body is rocking though.

  • http://www.HitachiMagic.com Magic Wand

    That ass will NEVER get old!

  • The Fundamentalist Christian Magician

    Oh..my..god. Speechless

  • Uncaged

    I’ve only just come across this wonderful site!

    Wowzers!!! FantASStic!

  • PhattyBattyLover

    MY…….GOD !!!!!!

  • Dark Lord of Anus

    If I inhaled only one of her farts, I could play George Michael’s Careless Whisper in it’s entirety on just one breath!

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