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  • Marco

    Oh wow…yes…oh my yes.

  • Zack

    WOOOOOO!!! The title scared me a little at first… All is well.

  • janey

    mmmmm this is amazing, i’ll sleeping very well tonight :p

  • http://facebook Deshean

    Great body and booty!

  • http://facebook the kid d

    not bad i can work with it

  • Johnny

    Excellent. My kind of giyp.


    Nice work girl! I wish my lazy ass girlfriend would get off her ass and do that once a week.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    Yes my balls Big for her!

  • fanofgiyp


  • meanstang

    Damn it girl! Nice pic! Keep up that body its HOT!;-)

  • Chris

    Holy Christ! Slammin body!

  • smokestack

    nothin quite like a nice round ass, is there?

    hey girl, i’m partial to asics too…wanna work out together sometime?

  • Lance

    Janey, post your pic in yoga pants!!!!

  • DWane

    oh i give it a hell yea!!!!

  • Aaron

    That is awesome! Moar!!

  • Aldusxenon

    A so-so pic. BTW, how does one get an avatar on here?

  • Mister Nitz

    I bet her name is Bridget

  • Jon


  • yowza

    my balls aren’t quite as big as they were before looking at this fine young lady. heehee. gotta go clean up now.

  • janey

    @Mister Nitz hah! i laughed so hard i almost spewed out my coffee!
    @Lance they won’t post them!

  • yoda

    hotness, yummy. more pics of her please.

  • maestro716

    @ Mr. Nitz. Her name is actually Krissy Lynn. Shes a porn star.

  • Darwin

    Porn star or not, that is some fine material!

  • youadot

    I hope her ass doesn’t disappear when she lies on her stomach

  • taz

    resubmit a pic u doing yoga on the ball barefoot. thats hot

  • taz

    resubmit barefoot next time

  • tim

    resubmit barefoot next time

  • StrokerAce

    Janey, here’s what you do: start your own Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace page, and then link it in the “Website” box when you post here.

    Then we could all see your hot little ass. ;)

    No more excuses. :D

  • http://izheartsjb@twitter.com tiffany

    um can u say photoshop espacially if shes a porn star that means she hasa personal photoshopper u guy r sick

  • Trey T

    I turned my head for that one.
    I love a sweaty girl, this one is so hot

  • i c u

    You can tell it’s photoshopped.

  • http://dfdf.com Greg

    Same girl from the WINNING post.

  • 1hungdude

    Damn this girl is fine

  • http://Write g0black

    Wow, is that the G-1. The Granddaddy of android making a cameo on GIYP. Yes I think it is.

  • http://witkh.tumblr.com Witkh13

    Would abundantly love a night with her

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