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Above we feature two beautiful bottoms from two amazing wives that let their husbands take pictures of them in yoga pants! Which is your cup of tea: LEFT or RIGHT? Check out the high res shots after the jump and let us know what you think in the comments!



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  • assbandito

    I’m not picky so ill take both

  • http://manilovefilms.com Dylan

    Right, by a mile.

  • Frank

    The bigger the better. Left.

  • jack

    On the Right, so very sweet.

  • 401driver

    Right for sure, however, I do like the lefts yoga pants better.

  • MArk

    I too Like Pink

  • Jon

    Right is way better!

  • Hypez

    left PHAT AZZ

  • Pokerface

    Left for sure…..damnnnnnnn that looks good!!!

    Right looks good but need better yoga pants

  • Acadian

    Right one for sure

  • @bootyhuntar


  • Netjnke

    ok … why are my comments being removed?

  • Just Sayin

    Wives? It sure seems more like a mother / daughter pic.
    Honestly, “I Heart Pink” is a bucket worth posting and the other one, well, it’s on the wrong website.

  • Jimmy Jack

    yall crazy left by a land slide

  • Onree

    Both are nice but if I had to just choose one it would have to be left. Why? Because left has some serious volume and look awesome in yoga pants!!

  • Chris

    Left is BY FAR the better Ass here!!!! I want to bite it!!!

  • Fiddy


  • sf loves booty

    left and its not even close

  • assbandito

    Love the gap on the right!!

  • GIYP fanatic

    Right looks better.. the left has more ass… I prefer looks better.

  • Andy

    Right, By far.

  • http://giyp spandexasslover

    Left one deff xD

  • booty lover

    The one on the left is just a big ass in general.. still nice but the curvature of the hips kinda kills it for the booty.. the one on the right on the other hand is nice tight and has plenty bubble for being a Lil big booty.. my vote would be not for the WRONG one but for the RIGHT ONE!! Haha plus she’s rocking the Victoria secret yoga pants to double up I give it two thumbs way up..

  • Stratman

    Pink for sure

  • jrod92

    the on the right she has a tighter ass

  • cw


  • joe


  • sicmaggot

    Here’s the problem. You have two different categories of ass here. One the left is a fat ass and the right is a petite smaller one. Some people love fat asses and some love small ones. Next time find 2 that are in the same category to vote on

  • corey


  • Randy

    Right, by a long shot!

  • bart

    Left, butt it’s close.

  • Stratman

    Left is nice. Don’t get me wrong. The legs are a little too skinny for that ass though. Right is just tight.

  • Sean

    Blue my GOD! BLUE!!!!!!!!!!

  • cazr

    All fck the pink girl very nice good ass baby…

  • Dennis

    The girl on the right has a cute, perfect ass while I love the thong on the girl on the left. The question is which one is nastier and the most fun. Ha, neither on is going to do my old ass.

  • Jimbostro

    Let me dot that i!!

  • BigBo11

    Left and not even close!!! Real women vs skinny chic and real women wins every time!!!

  • StrokerAce

    I’d have to tap both asses before being able to make a sound judgement. At least three times. Maybe four.

    What the hell, five. ;)

  • Ted


  • just

    Whoever said right is afraid of what a real azz looks like. the right way is the wrong way

  • http://www.hyperboleonahalfshell.com Sal

    The right. There is no question. The one in the pink is the htter of the two.

  • jonny fever

    Well i’d go right, but who’s kidding who, i’d drag my nose thru either of those sets of cheeks!!!

  • John Moderates


  • George Constanza

    I’m Having Reaction Rate with StrokerAce’s Puss! :D

  • chris

    The one on the left!! Beautiful!!

  • Reality Wynn

    I honestly would prefer the one on the left but put her in the “yoga pants” on the right…

  • Jayman

    Both are awesome! Love the see-thru on the left…. Left it is!!

  • Rufus1717

    Both are very nice, but the left has what one person called a nice gap, otherwise known as clearance (no thigh chaffing). A perfect ass needs to have CLEARANCE!



  • jordan_23

    the one on the right could possibly be a guy, the one on the left is all beeoottcchhh!!!!!…left wins easy..

  • Scotty

    They are both gorgeous. This is too complicated to answer because They both give me wood. I love the see though though. Left it is.

  • govanata

    Most Def girl on right, AWESOME. That husband is a god among insects!!!

  • dasdlkjfn

    We should do a march madness battle of the asses.

  • Scotty

    Supposed to say see through:)

  • Chris


  • rob

    Im voting right. the one on the left is nice but those black pants look more like panty hose then yoga gear

  • Solo23


  • Kid Salami

    Gonna rub one out to BOTH however if I got to choose in person,though a difficult choice,I gotta say left.Love the shape of her hips & almost tear shaped bottom.

  • yo ma!

    Left without doubts

  • StrokerAce

    If jordan_23 thinks the one on the right “could be a guy,” then buddy, you’re spending too much time in gay bars or at the ballet.

  • GIYP192

    I like a bigger ass, so I’ll go with the one on the right….not that the chick on the right is bad.

  • Ch’booie

    Left all day long.

  • dasdlkjfn

    we should do a march madness styled bracket of asses.

  • Scotty

    I think they should resubmit bent over. That my friends would be the ultimate pose for decision making.

  • jismo

    Right all the way mofos!

  • howiefelter

    leaning to the right, but to make a proper judgement would need to see with less ;)

  • Dimebag


  • http://aol Buddy Roe

    The Right! A more pronounced gap!

  • http://aol Buddy Roe

    On the Left. Nice and full.

  • TheBootyHammer


  • Swag Daddy

    Right ! I’d beat that pussy up!!!


    Stick my touge between both set of cheeekkksss…. But I’ll stick my cock up that ass on the Left!!!!

  • Kelso

    Right for sure. The left is nice, and i do love leggings/tights, but i enjoy the firmness of the right. BUT i feel like these need to be in different categories, tights and leggings are on a whole different level compared to yoga pants. just sayin. shit, I’m not picky, what ever one is available ahaha

  • Sammy Mohamed

    LEFT. Right is just ugly honestly…

  • Sammy Mohamed

    Hm, maybe I was being harsh when I described the butt on the right. But yeah, left is a clear winner in my book.

  • Laurence

    Right! Right girl seems firmer, left girl seems like she can be overweight.

  • Dannie

    Right, Indeed @Laurence.

  • Left


  • calimike

    I would rather have the one on the LEFT as a neighbor to check out from time to time and perv on. The one on the right are pretty common actually.

  • Name (required)

    The one on the right is a dude… no butt at all, so no contest: the one on the left is the winner!

  • Grumpybear30


  • http://Giyp ASS KING

    I’d shove my Cock up the Ass on the left!!!!

  • Nick


  • jules

    Love the tiny bit of camel toe on the right. Very much prefer the ass on the left. My vote goes to the left.

  • Jake

    left, nice and thick

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    the chick in Blue!!!

  • lululemonlover

    Besides, lefty isn’t even in yoga pant’s. They’re leggings/tights. This is Girls In Yoga Pants, not Girls In Tights

  • teej


    Sorry love the see through but the right has leaner hips and I love the gap

  • Sy Brrrr

    Going right on this one.

  • bernt

    righty tighty lefty loosy

  • jack

    Right by a landslide!!!

  • Yoga Guy

    Heyyyyy…my comment got yanked too! What’s up with that? Looks like the post got deleted and then reposted to fix the missing picture?

    I appreciate the gal on the left sending us a pic of her booty, but yeah, the one on the right, by a mile.

  • Pokerface

    Go left…..gotta smell as good as it looks… The thong looks very nice in there too ;)
    Can those (thongs) be for sale by the way…lol

  • OlSkool85

    LEFT. WOW!!!

  • jordan_23

    lol @stokerace all im saying is the one on the left has actual curves…the one on right..next stop is an anorexia type situation…the left has a booty!!



  • BowtieAssassin

    To all the guy’s saying left, would you actually find that attractive if you put it in a bikini? I think not.
    Right and it’s no contest.

  • Doug


  • D?????

    fapping to the one on the left sooo DAMN thick

  • http://Olemartin.no Ole


  • Jason

    Right is deff better, the left one has a fat ass and the ass is good and all, but the hips kill it, has odd points-not..bubbly enough

  • Dion

    Take left first than soon I’m done go over to rights place

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    Both is hot But see through always wins!!!!

  • http://GIYP Colt1911

    LEFT!!!! Agree with everyone else the see through is automatic win!!!!

  • Bri

    as a girl, right. Cute tight ass<3

  • Brad

    I love Pink says it all. GREAT Air Conditioning on that chassis!

  • http://girlsinyogapants.com Slim

    The one on the left in the black leggings ALL DAY. Its not even a comparison. White & Chinese boys will take the pink, all other men will pick the black pants. More ass, more hips, and you know she probably has a very deep cameltoe.

  • Joe


  • LuLuforever

    Left! But both very nice asses

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