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I was reading recently that GIYP fan/Twitter genius/Florida Marlin’s left fielder Logan Morrison took some flak for some comments he made regarding the firing of Florida Marlin’s pitching coach John Mallee – now I don’t know the entire situation, but where I come from it’s proper to stand up for who/what you believe in, so props to you Lomo! And to show how much we appreciate you, check out this GIYP sporting some Victoria Secret yoga pants! Keep going for the full shot!

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  • Spock

    Didn’t your mother teach you that it is not logical to wear black panties under white pants? No? Fascinating!

  • Muurk

    Yoga in high heels. Love it.

  • giggityzz

    damn she has some sexy feet and long legs, and a nice ass!

  • winston wolf

    this is why i have logan morrison on my fantasy team. you da man, man!

  • littleguy33

    Best pic I have seen on here so far .

  • Ilikebigbutts

    WOW, very shapley girl !!

  • big fan

    Whoa! We have yet another winner! Fantastic! This little lady is built! White yoga pants, perfect body, and spectator pumps to boot. Winning!

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    (throws wad of money @ screen)

  • Otto

    @archangel99 … monopoly money dont work kiddo…

    @StrokerAce you’re a fruitcup , i made an appointment for you to see a therapist because 35 year old men shouldnt be living in their mothers basement… she said to get out and get a job … she also said she knows about you and your father being gay together…. your father cheats on your mother with you…. hahaha truth hurts dont it kiddo?? … id knock this little fairy out if i ever seen it in real life… yes… stroker fruit is an it….

    @DoctorMario…. you got an appointment too, you and stroker can get an apartment together and have all the crazy gay butt secks all day which you probably would love since you’re both little fluttering fairys hahahah strokers and your dads can join in as well haha

    Otto/Nelson/Any simpson char name – putting losers in their place since 1990…. he bringer of truth since 1990….

    StrokerAce and DoctorMario have been put in their place and there is nothing they can say or do to reverse the effets…. after i leave a comment i dont even come back to see if you said anything because you fruits arent worth my time … you are nothing to me, the dirt underneath my shoes…. i make more money in a month then you fruits on this website make in a year…. and i actually get girls like the one above and on this site… all you fruit cups can do is drool over them because the best you can do is a 300lb fat dude…. AHHAHAHAHAAH

    girlsinyogapants.com – 0
    Me – 10

    put in your place.

  • jack


  • Kevin

    @Otto bad troll is bad, enjoy being 12 years old

  • El

    No ass. Looks like a giraffe in a kitchen.

  • brad

    Who’s the guy with so much time on his hands he can comment a paragraph… Congratulations???

  • StrokerAce

    The headline at first made me think LoMo submitted a shot of the sweet ass he was tappin’, and I was about to say “Way to go, LoMo!” But I’ll give him one anyway for speaking his piece. And speaking of piece, I’m sure he’s hittin’ something that looks like this photo. ;)

    Thanks for noticing me, JUMBO jones/Otto/Nelson. It tickles me that you think about me so often to devote half of your ramblings to me.

    An anonymous person on the Internet

  • Nash

    i wanna put my face between those buns and just start licking

  • Steve

    Best I ever seen here WoW!!!

  • The Fonz

    Wow! OMFG. -Finally worthy of my first post.

  • jay

    No ass but she has sexy legs

  • Dave

    I would say this is easily the nicest ive seen on here yet.
    Id toss this salad with no syrup or jelly.

    And to everyone sayin she has no ass….
    This my visually impaired friends is a dime biscuit your jus to used to bangin those fat bitches out of necessity.
    Not everyone loves giyp with a double bump on each cheek

  • Stratman

    She might not have a big booty but it takes all kinds. I personally like petite as well as thick and juicy. I think we can all agree, as far as petite ass’ go, this is a fine example.

  • http://www.barrykirkey.com Barry


  • Spencer

    wow look at those legs! i would run her bases several times!

  • Scott

    And this boys is how a real woman is built from the waist down, pay attention, it’s not some fat black ghetto ass with 18 pounds of blubber.

  • Not Me

    Wow, nice body!! Otto, you are an asshole and need to take a lesson in spelling.

  • summerer

    Otto…you are by far the most fucked up poster here. A true psycho. You need to get out from in front of the computer.

  • Dikwitha

    Otto, shut the fuck up!

  • I love Victorias Secret

    I submitted this picture of my wife…:)

    These legs/buns are from hiking up and down hills/mountains.

    I told my wife she has to wear these pants out with a white thong…might cause a 10 car pile up thought.

    Will post more later…

  • Zigman

    this is by far the hottest pic I have seen on this site to date. need more of her!

  • Capo Flynn

    Scott, your a homosexual,trailer trash piece of shit that has never had any ass unless it was a male hooker! Shut your bitch ass up!! Stop pretending that you even remotely like women!!

  • wow

    Ignore the trolls, they go away.
    This is a spectacular piece of ass. Love heels and yoga pants.

  • Zack


  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    O yea thats hot!

  • jack

    I agree with Scott, this is how real women are built.

  • BowtieAssassin

    Why does anyone respond to that twit, he comments on every pic on here then tries to pretend he has a life. Obvious troll is obvious, just laugh at his less then witty attempt at being an alpha.
    ps. nice ass.

  • blueollie

    smooth white spandex…. yum! :)

  • Scott

    Capo Flynn likes fat ass ghetto booties chicks, listen douchebag if you wanna call me out come to Canada I’ll kick your sorry little douchebag fag ass back to where Jimbo lives to continue fucking you in the ass.

  • Nex


  • Frankyboy

    JEeeze Louise!

  • money shot


    you seem to be expressing a disproportionate amount of anger at just an “internet comment” so since you admitted to being a Canadian, maybe you’re just one of those pissed-off rioters from the Vancouver streets? hehe

    ….just sayin. The guy you’re responding to WANTS you to react like that…..why give him the satisfaction?

  • money shot

    oh and by the way. I’m a Canadian as well……just one of the more peaceful ones. ;)

  • Chris

    Wow. So hott. Good job VS!

  • hottea

    She has no ass, long legs yes, ass no

  • Scott

    @Money Shot I suppose, he’s probably some dumb shit american anyway.

  • Rofl love how Canadians argue
    It prooves just how French they are
    and who knows what the French are
    good at oh yes losing and running away
    So please save the threats for someone
    who cares…

    Ps she looks gorgous and Scott is right
    that is how a woman should look.

  • http://www.the-spearhead.com kid kasah

    those feet r a little tooooo cleannnnnn !!! o_0

  • Mathew Brito

    i didn’t know you were so freaky

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Sir Juciest Gluteus

    For a slim chick she packs a little punch

  • 42 is the answer

    She shoots, she scores, awesome

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