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Another example of why yoga pants rule and jeans f–king suck. Keep going for the full-size image of this babe in bed

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  • Darkhero

    sexy thank you for sharing

  • The Last Universalist

    I’ve seen worse.

  • The Gap

    Ah shiiite, that’s me with a boner for the rest of the week!

  • rob

    the pants are about to be consumed…

  • cazr

    Dam just wanna to fck u soo bad and have some milk inside of you evryday.. I love grey yoga pants.

  • Rob

    What luscious lipps!!!!!

  • Just Sayin

    So I’m pretty much convinced at this point that August is just about the best month all year for GIYP.
    Nice bucket, great inner thigh clearance (never underestimate the importance of ITC) and that camel toe glamour. JustSayin She’s a keeper!!!
    Maybe come september you guys will post a girls of summer link with a best of series!!!

  • Kid Salami

    UMM UMMM UMMMM I’m thinking about having a clam for dinner :)

  • HULK


  • StrokerAce

    I got some jam for that toe. ;)

  • Jay

    Perfect shot

  • kevbo

    omg, it’s a duckface!

  • getmusclemass dot com

    nice camel!!

  • Fanofgiyp

    AWESOME toe!!!

  • Fanofgiyp

    AWESOME toe!!!

  • Cybr

    I’d rip those pants open with my teeth, then go muff-diving before knocking the bottom out of it.

  • Mw2


  • Bill

    Idk about you guys. But i want to shove moldy cheesecake up the right girl’s funky cheese ass, filling it up, only to eat out later. then fist it deep like a rag doll, wiggling my arm through her intestines and pull out all the cheesy goodness, along with her smelly excrements.

  • Jacko


    u fecking tar. YTou have the same sick comment on every pic. You need serious help dude

  • jakmioff

    Nice butt. Anyone else see the slight shit stain???? @bill ur gross dude….

  • nick

    wat a great pussayyyy

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