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  • HungDaddy

    I would cut that up and eat it for dinner.

  • wilky

    thats wrong.

  • Diesel

    Wow! Lips, tits, and lots of ass to smack; show more of her please :)

  • StrokerAce

    Yeah, I’d probably hit that. ;)

  • Jeephreak

    I’d definitely jump at that. Gawd!

  • http://@facebooo/twitter willieluv69

    i would love to baby that beautiful ass

  • http://facebook chavo

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm slap some butter on it & BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • George Costanza

    That jiggly ass would taste so good!! Yummy starfish needs a beef injection!!!!

  • Lovesbigbooty

    Ucking awesome, I wanna spread em and take a wiff. She’s a hottie

  • X

    Hello titty

  • Scott

    Yay more fucking fat ass ghetto bootie. Stop posting this nasty shit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    Fuck sitting in my face enstead sit on my dick!! lol

  • El

    I’m in love. Hall of fame this. Nice package.

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    oh hell yea

  • Capo Flynn

    She is sexy as a muthafucker!! She would get dicked down in every orafice in a NY minute!! I knew scott’s little faggot ass dick self would be mad!! scott is the world’s biggest homosexual ever!!scott, you must have LOVED sucking your dad’s dick growing up!!

  • jack

    Whats happening to this site? Nasty!!!!!

  • dr assman

    She should do some yoga – it builds muscle tone.

  • Scott

    @Capo, hey fag muncher, back to look at more fat asses eh? You must really like watching all the trailer park trash fatties eat at McDonald’s That must be a huge turn on for you. Keeep on fucking those fatties loser, someone has to.

    And while you do that the rest of us who have real taste with real women will take all the hotties.

  • El

    Scott if this shit was so nasty why the fuck you click back on the pic after you already made the observation that its nasty? To look at it again because you are in denial or to see what replies you received to your ignorant ass comments. You are gay as hell and my offer still stands…..stay tuned for him to come back in and see this nasty ass.

  • Jo

    Nice nip slip there too….

  • Scott

    EI, how about you got fuck Capo in the ass, you seem to like fags. I’ll post where I want, your little fag boy comments are just entertainment. Get your mother to help you write another one.

  • El

    I knew you’d show up attention whore. I love coming back to this pic because the bitch looks so damn good. You come in forrrrrr arguing with dudes. Look lil bitch anytime you want a free ticket to va beach let me know. My offer still stands.

  • edddy67

    How old are you assholes with all of the 4th grade insults? Push away from mom’s computer and get outside for some air and sun and exercise!

  • http://www.motionsicknessmedication.net Derek

    Just a little big for my taste…nice titties though

  • Scott

    EI now why would I waste my time with some little punk in the USA, everyone knows americans can’t fight. You wanna see a real fight come to Canada tough boy.

  • Philip

    That’s just Scott. He’s a dick.

  • BadMaash

    Damn that’s a big ass garbage can right next to that big ass recycling bin… But her ass is still bigger… Damn!!

  • ironman

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm omg yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew Android

    I like the part where her ass is big XD

  • tharic

    you can see her nipple :D and id like to land my plane in it

  • http://www.girlsinyogapants.com Demetru Van Coy

    Perfect features

  • frank

    wonder if her ass is as fake as her lips are

  • Luis

    Canada sucks ass Scott you know it we have better fighters in the u.s. Hahaha just sayin the obvious

  • skeelosta

    I’d pay dollars to see that ass bent over, to see it all its glory, then see that big ol’ thang shake….damn!

  • Redmachine

    Wow guys gota understand that different women for different guys… This chick in my opinion is fuckin hot as hell and I’ll eat that ass for hours… It’s childish to be so set against a bodytype. I don’t like flat ass chicks at all but there are good looking ones I’ll smash to bits… I also believe it’s usually pencil dick dudes that don’t like thick women. And I said thick not fat… Very different. And this little angel falls under the thick variety… And no Canadians can’t fight… Just cuz they fight in hockey on skates and of course they stop them after about 45 seconds… Caniadians are known for being nice people, very unconfrontational aside from hockey… And aside from georges st Pierre who is the only canadian that can fight, the rest are pussy… Lol

  • Major Maple Leaf

    Redmachine, I was agreeing with you up until you started bashing Canadians…hey f*cktard, what do you think all the soldiers, sailors and airmen are doing in A-stan (you know the place where a Canadian sniper beat the american long shot kill, and where our special forces were the #1 pick of the AMERICAN commander in charge of all the special forces in that area, he picked CANADIANS over his own people)…oh and how about this place called Juno beach back in 1944, where we took the most heavily fortified beachhead and got further then brits and yanks, or Vimy Ridge in WW1…you clearly haven’t been properly educated on world history, Canadians have always had a reputation as a$$ kickers.

    back on topic, DEFINITE hottie!

  • http://www.christopherlondonblog.com/ Christopher London, Esq.

    I love and prefer women with curves like this

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