Random Girl in Yoga Pants

Are They Out Of Your League?

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  • Mike

    Of course not! No one is out of my league, what do you think I’m some sort of beta faggot?

    • Dj

      >lurks GIYP
      >Claims not to be a beta faggot

  • doctor stinkstah

    not really. them cheeks are too damn big.

  • Boss Town

    I can wear a shirt that says I have a 13″ hog….doesn’t make it so.

  • Jon Gruden

    If the league is the NFL, the girl on the left fits in nicely on the offensive line. Pig.

  • CaptainCrankyDeux

    Girls the only way you both would be out of my league is if you can suck start a Harley.

  • 4 Inches of Man Fury

    Yes. These girls are out of (beneath) my league. The kind of ladies I date don’t wear teeny bopper shirts like that.

    • http://BallZonurchinallday.com/ Ball Zonurchin

      who’s wearing shorts?

  • Zack Morris


  • http://BallZonurchinallday.com/ Ball Zonurchin

    Your out of the league, the club, the gang and the neighborhood because we kicked you dumb whores out.

  • NYC099

    not with those garbage bodies

  • foomanchew

    No. You can find them for $200 at a motel.

  • AssLuver01

    Lame-ass t-shirts, but I’d still take the one on the left to pound town.

  • Tommyboy

    No not out of my league just right they are both hot

  • Bootyologist

    The one on the right. Hahahahahaha hahahahaha. Ok. Lol

  • Raperman

    Bind there hands and feet and tap both of them from behind.

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