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I manage a restaurant in Baltimore and all of the bartenders wear yoga pants. The chef told us today he was gonna make it so we can’t wear them anymore, so we made I <3 YOGA PANTS signs and walked around petitioning.

Here is a picture of me and my bartender in yoga pants with the sign!


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  • George Costanza




  • StrokerAce

    That chef must be a fag. Good show, ladies! More photos, too! :D

  • Stratman

    I’ll have to find out where that is for when I make the trip down to see my Sox play the Birds.

  • assbandito

    Where’s that chicks ass?

  • Randy

    Ok, help me out here, I live near Baltimore. What’s the name of this restaurant?

  • http://Giyp ASS KING

    The name is grow some ASS!!!!

  • mark

    stroker said it right ladies,omg if i ever go to baltimore i’m going to see you! sweet ass and yes,the chef is probably homosexual

  • E-Diddy

    Go O’s! I need to get my wife a pair of yoga pants like those!

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Strange4change

    Can I get some syrup for that pancake ass, hey they all can’t support a beer standing up.

  • Jbiden

    This girl does too much yoga in her yoga pants. Pass

  • robby

    that guy must be a fag

  • Matt

    Jbiden couldn’t be any more right; this girl needs to do less yoga in those yoga pants, and more eating. Maybe she has been trying but her friend keeps stealing all of her food. Don’t blame the chef for trying to ban yoga pants if this is the kind of talent he has walking around the restaurant!!

  • Knomb69

    Id take those yoga pants hooooooooume

  • D Block

    no ass, girl you need to eat more chicken!

  • tommyboy

    What is wrong with that chef gotta be a fag who doesn’t wanna stare at some booty in yoga pants all day while at work if I worked at this restaurant I would be tellin them girls to wear yoga pants everyday

  • Assman

    bigger pic… can’t see the sexy ass

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