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    First like always,

    Yeah bitch Im always first

    I’ll pass, maybe if a trash bag was over her head then maybe I would. She needs to lose some weight, I prefer a tight booty

  • chester

    noting worse then ghetto trash poured into tight pants, ill pass

  • The Last Universalist

    Steviewonder and Chester must be attracted to guys. Get that stupid chipmunk the hell out of there and let’s see more pics of that magnificent booty!

  • StrokerAce

    Simon and Theodore must have snapped the pic, and Dave’s off waxing the dolphin in the bathroom.

    No, I’m not “Dave.” I’m spankin’ it right here at my desk. ;)

  • chester

    i like women, not shaved apes

  • Slidin240

    Moved up to women from children, chester? I guess you got tired of the chester the molester chants, so now you like women that look like little boys…?

  • Lamar Victor

    To all those that said some racist shit. You’re a piece of shit & haters rot in hell! Don’t be mad that your baby meat isn’t big enough to handle a body like that. White boys prefer “tight bodies” because they don’t know what to do with a thick woman, whether she’s black or white. FUCK YOUR LIFE, if you feel offended my full names posted, hmu on FB I’ll rip you a new one on there too. We could even meet in person, I highly doubt you’d wanna play 21 with me tho ;) I shoot to kill. R.I.P you bitch niggas

  • Richard Head

    I know where Alvin stores his nuts. Lucky bastard!

  • Sal

    That’s Too much Pork for My Fork !!! Alvin can keep her !!

  • Dr. Ray

    Chester, I don’t think she’s black.

  • Neal

    Get Alvin out of the picture, take the picture from the backside.

  • Dark Lord of Anus

    She better spread em wide, I only have a little dick and dat ass be huge!

  • George Costanza

    I dont like shaved apes either!!

  • Lebron

    I would rather fuck ‘grape ape’ than this yeti

  • JustSayin

    Here’s hoping he got to bury his nuts into that bootie.

  • StrokerAce

    There are some little boys on here afraid to expand their horizons and date a black woman. You little tykes should run along to bed and hide under your blankets, hmmm? Maybe Mommy and her current boyfriend will tuck you in.

  • Geo

    All the racists here are truly a bunch of dumbasses. I guarantee they wouldn’t be saying this crap if this chick was hitting on them, not that she would even give them the time of day. The internet makes tough guys out of little dick losers like you guys doesn’t it?

    Now…on to the real topic, which is how awesome this chick is. Are those things painted on her?! Two thumbs up.

  • Riel Contreras

    @TheLastUniversalist At first i thought you were trying to make a joke… then i realized these guys actualy named themselves Steviewonder and Chester, ahaa

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