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For a girl that hot I can disregard the greasy hand print on the mirror and the outfit matching the walls.. High res shot of this babe in yoga pants, after the jump!

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  • Gordon


  • Brian

    yummmm…i love pink tacos



  • Yoga Guy

    Once again: that ain’t small booty. That’s fine, medium, non-ghetto booty. Love the camel toe. Great thighs and hips. I definitely appreciate these amateurs sharing their fine hineys.

  • Jagoff

    I just wanna jam my face all up in that C toe and motor boat those ass cheeks…

  • Rod

    There is nothing wrong with that. At all.

  • Matt McGeehin

    How many horses have to die for you to look fly…?

  • Stratman

    I had to look at the hi res shot to be sure. I thought the smudges were her nails. WTF. Great body. A little too much with the hair extensions though.

  • Robert

    My hat…. I want to wear that hat… That is beautiful..

  • olskoolsteve

    Wow…send more, she is gorgeous

  • StrokerAce

    I wanna slide my pink ‘pedo up her inverted pink sock. ;)

  • Jimbostro

    Mmmmmmm!!! That’s delicious with a capital D!!
    Wonder what the face looks like!!!

  • Jimmy Jack

    Matt McGeehin, you dont have to kill the horses to get their hair.

  • Me

    That is more my shape.

  • Ch’booie

    lol, you guys are so silly. They don’t get that hair from horses anymore – they get it from people. Human hair is becoming quite the commodity and wigmakers will pay top dollar for some human hair. FYI, it mostly comes from the parents of retards who sell their kids hair. Haven’t you ever noticed how most retards have buzzcuts?

    Anyway, this girl has a nice body but she looks like a sloppy mangy skagg.

  • cazr

    Plus you have to pink pussy to i wanna fck your pink pussy i love it


    little skinny but not too, see she’s got hips and some tone, very nice.

  • ScooterDoo

    Very nice!

  • Chris

    oh God…

  • DD

    This girls a hot mess. I am assuming she hasnt washed her hair um EVER and just attempted to run her fingers through it before wiping her Afro grease all over the mirror. This pic does nothing for me but make me want to up chuck my cinnamon toast crunch at the thought of what that dirty mop on her head must smell like.

  • Rando

    Lawl she tried to photoshop her mirror reflection. Nice ass, but what’s with those random long hairs? Also looks like she needs a good shower.

  • M.S in Bootyology


  • FlipPerv

    mmm fat lips!


    Y U NO SHOW FACE!?!?!?!?

  • nfield


  • gboogie20

    I would make her pregnant cuz i wouldnt wanna pull it out when i bust leave it in forever

  • Iv693

    Pink pussy too? Hope so

  • a615luver

    She’s perfect from the waist down, I’m luvin’ the gap and her ass while some of you supercuts enthusiasts are bitchin’ about her hair..really?! Her hair!?….I’d put a big ass paper bag over her head, bend her hover and then proceed to pound her sphincter & wreck her guts! …while the rest of ya’ll are going “ewww her hair!”…pshhh..buncha’ f*ckin’ pansies!….

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