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  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Ass sniffer

    First to post, first to cream pie her vagina

  • buttman

    if i could get her to fart in a bag and mail it to me that would be cool.

  • Ward Cleaver

    I would like to use her beautiful @ss as a pillow to take a nap too.


    She’s smiling because she’s dreaming of me! FOr you see, I am LORCO, Keeng Of Cock!

  • Chef Freak

    she wouldn’t be doing much sleeping if I were around.

  • Mike

    I literally said wow out loud. haha

  • The Last Universalist

    She is gorgeous

  • Chris

    Just plain out beautiful!!! Ass and face……I’d fuck ‘em both!!!

  • OJ

    Is that paneling? how old is that picture? I think that’s my grand mother!

  • StrokerAce

    I could see myself happily pumping her ass in that position. Excuse me while I, umm, “picture myself doing just that.” By that I mean the five-knuckle shuffle. ;)

  • George

    I have never given a f**k in my life because I’ve been saving them for this chick.

  • diggler

    I would smash my face in that ass, oh man, that’s an epic ass!

  • like

    i said wow as well, that’s how great this is

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    wow, i wanna spoon…

  • Carnage

    Obviously photoshopped, cause nobody smiles when they’re sleeping.

    Besides, why is she napping in the afternoon? There’s cooking and cleaning to be done!!!

    Oh, and cute butt.

  • diggler

    Fuck u carnage, ur an idiot

  • diggler

    Fuck u carnage, ur an idiot

  • Cazr

    I will fck you evry single day and till cum your pussy baby..

  • Dannie


  • diggler is gay

    wow, somebody doesnt have a sence of humor

  • d1337

    The title is wrong…should be

    “Afternoon Fap”

  • diggler

    Oh I do have a SENSE of humor, and I’m totally gay for vagina!

  • Cumlord27

    I think sheez on herion. . . Thats what I look like when im nappin. . .

  • Cano

    NICE SHOT ;-)

  • Verified Columnist


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