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This GIYP fan writes: Submitting a photo of my girlfriend’s rear, with her permission. Unlike some, she actually does yoga.


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  • dr assman

    It’s the ass that matters, son, not the yoga. We’re not here to dig the ‘namaste’ crap.

  • StrokerAce

    If yoga keeps that ass toned, she should continue. We’re all health nuts here, after all. ;)

  • Ben Dover

    Hey, I can be Yoga ask if she will do me??

  • jack


  • eddie

    very nice, very nice to see a normal figure!! not some Photoshopped crap or some ridiculous bubble that is so disproportionate that it should have it’s own zip-code

    Thank you for the submission and please keep those lovely photos coming

  • cazr23

    Very nice ass baby I wish I was in your room..

  • buck safety

    now that’s what i’m talkin’ ’bout!!!

  • blueollie

    This is why I always try to line up in the back row of yoga classes. :)

  • Glock

    More of those please ;) <3

  • Adhri


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