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A Creep Shot Of The Perfect Ass

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Our visitors have been stepping up the booty-game with some incredible submissions lately.

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  • chrisi

    Are you kidding me GIYP? Seriously no quality control around here anymore. Might as well start uploading anime chicks if this garbage is going to be the norm. HORRIBLE photo shop fail.

  • the Internet

    Morphed shit in the foreground but a yoga pants and Uggs in the background.

  • Guest

    look at the STRAIGHT LINES on the bag she is carrying. See how they’re not straight? You are not straight either you clown. This is such an obvious photoshop. How do you not notice this?

  • Bootyluver

    Damn this is photoshop!? Beats me. But if is real that is one hell of a proper booty!

  • Guest

    You know how many seconds it took me to find the original version? Four. Four seconds.

  • rob

    Photoshop? What are you talking about? Where’s the original version then?

  • doctor stinkstah

    Someone bang the crap out of her already. thestinky dot com

  • Guest

    “A CREEP SHOT OF THE PERFECT ASS”. If the perfect ass for you was drawn in MS paint by a 12 year old boy, I got news for you pal… you might just be a virgin who has never seen a real woman up close.

  • Butthead

    I like the original’s ass better than this one.

  • Buddy Roe

    PHOTOSHOPPED!!! Stop it already!!!

  • annabananaqt

    So u all sayin…I wasted Cleenex on a photoshop? /sigh

  • Seeya_thx4booty

    GIYP, I realize you post these obviously Photoshopped photos on purpose to elicit comments, but your site is becoming a joke. I’m out. There’s lots of superior sites with better content and less real estate for ads.

  • Victor Berresford


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