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Last night, with 14 seconds left in the first period, Scott Gomez of the Montreal Canadiens scored a goal against Buffalo and this booty in yoga shorts! @BrittanyCherie1 promised her boyfriend @KyleMac1 she would take these pictures if Gomez scored during the game, and he did it! The Booty Gods were with you Scott. Check out the high res versions after the jump..

Scott Gomez Booty
Scott Gomez Booty

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  • henri

    booya smackdown on dem cakes

  • http://giyp louie

    shes cheating shes holding the front of her pants so that her ass looks better than it actually is i say retake the right way woo hoo

  • RobeeD

    Wow that thing is tucked in there nicely!

  • lance

    Wow, what a gorgeous ass

  • assbandito

    GOD DAM!! That’s a sweet ass

  • StrokerAce

    I’d cross that blue line and violate her crease! :D

  • cazr23

    I love the 2 pic nice ass to

  • roger

    esti de scott gomez a marde, I MÉRITE PAS UN BEAU CUL DEMEM!!!!

  • Laurence

    Ryan McDonagh says sup

  • Codyj

    Amazing ass, and I’m a Habs fan, but why Gomez???

  • D

    Sorry, but the jersey ruined it for me. She looks too much like a dude wearing that.

  • StrokerAce

    D, stop looking at the jersey and LOOK AT THE ASS!!!!!!!

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99


  • Bobbo

    Wow, if that’s what a guy with 2 goals this season gets, I cannot image what a top shelf player with 30 would warrant!

  • Eric E

    OMG! look at all those movies! ;)

  • AssMane

    Even tho I’m a BRUINS fan ….. i have to admit thats a great ass..
    I would have a penalty shot against that anyday!

  • TyrekeE13

    She must have got that jersey for free cause Scott Gomez sucks dick

  • rats

    @Codyj Probatly because it take him over one years to score 1 goal? so the chance of 2 in the same years… it’s the end of the world !

  • a55


  • dr assman

    That’s a guy, right?

  • FlipPerv

    excellent GAP!

  • karl farl

    the OP and myself share names and favourite hockey team, leading a friend of mine to thinking this was my submission/GF! its not though :( thanks for assuming the best for me though bro! Also a plekanec jersey would be perfect.

  • bi-gurl


  • Ben Dover

    Nice gap.

  • Pugiron

    Notice how straight males with funcional testicles and not as drugged out as Whitney Houston all prefer attractive asses and gay drugged out enuchs all prefer Big booties?

  • http://Cookamungas.net Smoo

    may I get some sauce?

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