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Girls In Yoga Pants fan Luis snapped this shot while stocking up on discounted goods at the local 99 cent store. How would you rate this booty on a scale of .01-.99, .99 being fant-ASS-tic, and .01 being this. Is she worth every penny? Check out the high res version of this creep shot and let us know in the comments!


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  • fOrplAyAssAssIN

    Well damn son where u find this one? I’ll lay in her shit but I seen better .70

  • henri


  • henri

    i would buy that for a dollar

  • George Costanza

    .40, her legs are ugly shaped

  • JOJO

    .94 cuz i think its hard to capture a butt in a creep shot and this girls butt would be very nice in person

  • Dave

    I got to agree with fOrplAyAssAssIN.. .70

  • jack


  • Jack in

    Would take my time with this one!

  • StrokerAce

    I’ll still spank it to her, but I’ll be thinking about the squeezable .gif booty from last week. ;)

  • mike


  • AssMane

    It’s aight decent…i’d still hit it tho

  • blueollie

    She needs to be swatted.

  • Yummy Mommy

    Looks like my girls booty…..Yum yum yum

  • Adhri

    i can work with that plump booty, .95 cents for her

  • buttlover

    Just imagine her in the 69 position!

  • assbootycreeper69

    Are you kidding this is sexy, 99 all the way.

  • assbootycreeper69

    Are you kidding this is sexy, 99 all the way.no question

  • david

    Nice and wide

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