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7 Pics & 2 Videos of @lauraelisa in yoga pants & nice kicks

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Nice yoga pants and a little bit of sneaker-porn too. That 4th pic gets her extra points with me.

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  • idontdoyoga

    Im always happy to vistit the site and see some hot bitches in yoga pants… but the website is becoming a workout yogapants site. All these muscular chicks, it almost too much. Yea the ass looks good, but a lot of them are too muscular for my likeing. just a thought.

    • uranidiot

      you’re a fucking idiot. shes not even that muscular. just because ur scared of women that are in shape doesnt mean that theyre super muscular u retarded ass fuck.

  • salad

    wanna just eat macaroons off of you

  • Your Mom

    She needs to drop Planet Fitness and join a rec center or a real gym.

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