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This GIYP fan submitted his wife 3 times so far in hopes of getting on, however, each shot was the exact same but with a different suggested caption. My personal favorite? “yabba yabba yoga!!!” I don’t know what that means, but this girl’s got a vicious seam down the crack of her ass. More angles? Let him know what you think.

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  • Just

    Yum yum! Give us more!

  • JLamb

    Jlamb approves. keep em’ coming.

  • Bevo

    More angles are definately needed!!!

  • Marco

    More angles for sure…nice start though!

  • Doug


  • Patrick

    i wonder what the front looks like?

  • vin

    big smiles in there, but so are the big saddlebags

  • grant

    i’d love to be that wedgie. Let’s see more photos.

  • sandralyn71

    dont try so hard… the seam up the crack says more than it should
    (get a natural shot happening)your wife has a nice bum, and you dont need to help by trying to hard.. just sayin..

  • ILoveYogaPants

    A great seamer like that definitely needs to be seen from the front as well! If the lips are half as nice as that ass looks, I’d be more than happy to give em a good lickin! So let’s see a frontal!!

  • Scott

    What do I think? His wife needs to firm that shit up.

  • maestro716

    this made my night!!!!

  • brown tongue

    I remember that ass from high school. Send your wife my regards.

  • http://girlsinyogapants slum dog

    yes more angles

  • Unclelido

    there ya go- up the crack- got to see the cameltoe it gives.

  • StrokerAce

    More! More! More! :D

  • fanofgiyp

    Lucky guy. Please sir may we have some more?

  • Richard

    We need a shot from to front to see if there tight enough.

  • Rocketman

    I’d be more than happy too help her pull that wedggie out, wouldn’t even touch it with my hands, just use my teeth, oh wait, I don’t have any…oh well, my tongue will have too do…I’m just saying!!!

  • Richard Head

    I wouldn’t mind filling up that crack of hers.

  • Ledz13

    my my my.. very nice and thats an ass u def tap from the back all day!!

  • Peskys Pole

    I see my underwear under the bed. Tell your wife I’ll pick it up next week. Same time good for her?

  • Yoga Guy

    Mmm…little sloppy, needs some workouts.

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